You will not find a single thing in the modern world that is affected by technology. The same stands true for education. It is not wrong to say that more or less technology has revolutionized education in today’s world.

You can have a debate on the positive and negative effects of technology on students but for education system improvement no one can deny the role of technology.

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Technology Changed Education

1. Access to Learning Opportunities:

Technology has made access to learning opportunities easy for everyone. In the past, only a few elite students had access to educational institutes, libraries, and books. Everyone couldn’t learn what he/she wants.

Today technology has changed the scenario, any book on a given knowledge area is in access through fingertips. Traveling to different universities for education around the globe is quite easy now. Even if a student doesn’t want to leave, he/she has an opportunity of formal education that is provided online by many universities through the internet.

2. Collaboration and Communication:

In the past, students had the opportunity to communicate with their class fellows or seniors that are also in the same educational institute. There were very limited opportunities to collaborate with other students for research.

Now technology has opened the gates of communication and collaboration in the education system. With the help of it, students from any part of the world can communicate with different students to learn and understand a specific subject. Research collaboration is also possible for globally dispersed students with the help of technology.

3. Role of Teachers and Student:

If we analyze a traditional classroom, we will find that the teachers played the role of a primary source of information while students were passive listeners. Even today you can see this practice where teachers are delivering the lecture and students are receiving it passively.

Technology has redefined the roles of students and teachers in the modern world education system. Now the students have the responsibility to collect the information from different sources. While teacher have taken the role of a guide on the side.

Students use technology to learn a specific subject and seek guidance from the teachers.

4. Transformation in Education Tools:

Technology has played a key role in education transformation. It has changed the ways teacher make their instructional material. Rather than handwritten notes, the teachers now use PowerPoint, videos, and illustrations to teach the students.

With the availability of smart devices and the internet all over the world, it has created the opportunities of a class anytime, anywhere. Educational institutes have started to redesign their learning spaces to utilize these devices, enabled by technology, more effectively. They are working on more interaction for small groups and technology as an enabler.


Technology can change anything anywhere in the world. It has changed the education as well. Important to note here is that humans are the ones who have to use the existing technology to maximize its benefits in education. Effectively using technology will transform the existing education system.