Sortly Business Inventory App: Streamlining Innovation in Ecommerce Landscape

Sortly Business Inventory app has secured lustrous win in the ecommerce marketplace and it has been recognized as an easier way to manage business inventory. The first and foremost attraction of Sortly business inventory app is its affordability and it is available at an unbelievable price point of $25 per month. “Create, track, search” is the lovely motto of Sortly app which helps it to scale new heights of business skyline. Connecting bar codes or QR labels is quite simple with the one and only Sortly business inventory app.  The most talked about feature of Sortly business inventory app is its ability to create QR codes within few seconds.

Less manual effort and few errors make Sortly the most sought after business inventory application. The elegant specialties of Sortly are controlled access, PDF export as well as user activity tracking. Automatic notifications can be setup in Sortly in order to keep track of stock levels as well as returns. According to ecommerce mavens, the top rated attractions of Sortly are addition of custom fields, logo and colour. Have you ever thought that why Sortly is highly popular among businesses? The one and only reason for the popularity of Sortly is that it is highly intuitive, robust and easy to use.

The huge success of Sortly depicts the era of innovation in the blooming ecommerce landscape and the applications of Sortly can be divided into home inventory, moving, collections as well as organizing. Numerous companies including multinational tycoons got immensely benefitted from Sortly business inventory app. Sortly is a great inventory app for small businesses from gavel to gavel and it is known all over the world as an effective asset tracking system. Another nice feature of Sortly inventory app is that it can be accessed via web, iPad or iPhone.

The base plan of Sortly business inventory includes three user accounts and it offers free trial facility too. The availability of Sortly in Cloud and SaaS is another unique selling proposition of the amazing digital product. The list of asset tracking features in Sortly include  activity tracking, audit trails, bar coding, check in-checkout, reservations and service history. Sortly is equipped with the bar coding features of barcode scanning, custom labels, and serial number tracking. Inventory control features of allocation, item management, procurement management, serial number tracking and UPC codes have helped Sortly to gain thumping victory as an ecommerce tool.

It is often pointed out that the most noticeable features of Sortly inventory management are multichannel management, reporting, as well as warehouse inventory management. Sortly offers great user experience in terms of functionality, ease of use, feature richness, customer support and value for money. “I liked the style and functionality of the Sortly app and I was able to get a solid list of inventory. It helps us to update inventories quickly and it needs only a minimal training period for the users”, said a customer of Sortly.

Sortly business inventory app is aesthetically pleasing and it offers visual colour feast to our eyes. Setting up Sortly is quick and easy and it is undoubtedly a great tool which helps organizations to transition from their good old days of spreadsheets. Frequent users of Sortly find the ability to create custom fields as the majestic feature of Sortly which helps them to stand out from their high profile competitors. According to ecommerce experts, the tagging system in Sortly is an effective way to group products. Sortly can be described in a single phrase as a ‘spreadsheet with the user interface of an app and people at the helm of Sortly are pursuing all possible avenues to make it a classic product.

Response to customer feedback is another trait of Sortly which makes it popular with their customer base. Sortly features simple scan codes for inventory tracking and the huge success of Sortly enraptures ecommerce businesses. The colourful attractions of Sortly business inventory app are given below.

  • Ability to print and share inventory list
  • Ability to create custom fields
  • Easy tracking of unique items

The interface of Sortly business inventory app is straightforward and small businesses have reaped rich benefits by using Sortly.

Great visual features act as a festoon to the business inventory app of Sortly and the high pitched initiative of Sortly is known as an excellent organizational tool by all means. Multidevice use is the most tangible benefit of Sortly business app and the self styled creators of Sortly have made their search functionality easier. The user experience and top rated features of Sortly make it an essential business tool without which small businesses can’t survive at all. It seems that the mobile app of Sortly is more famous than its desktop version and Sortly is great for flexible inventory needs.

Sortly can be easily integrated with Dropbox, a leading file hosting service and it is helpful in creating unique file hierarchy. Creation of reports and analytics is a splendid feature of Sortly, the torch bearers of change in business. Sortly has been designed keeping in mind small businesses and no technical expertise is needed to operate Sortly. The visual asset tracking platform of Sortly allows users to add multiple images for each product. Users of Sortly can easily track price, quantity, product information and its multiple user access facility enables team members to track changes immediately.

Built-in QR code scanner is the riveting achievement of Sortly as a business tool and all data in Sortly is automatically backed up. Export to CSV or PDF is another major technology feature of Sortly and built-in CRM tool is the number one attraction of Sortly Pro. Integration with existing system can be done using the API (Application Programming Interface) of Sortly. According to many business owners, Sortly is the best business inventory app they have ever found. Sortly is a high quality  business inventory app which is really worth the money and organizing, tracking and locating  items have become simple with the advent of Sortly.

Exquisite features and benefits made Sortly a sensational hit among internet marketers all over the length and breadth of the globe. The Sortly app is available for Android and iOS versions and management of audit trails and documentation of the assets is the preliminary objective of Sortly. Sortly can be used for cataloguing stuff such as furniture, clothes, collections as well as showpieces. Business owners can synchronize entire data using Sortly and the backup of the information can be stored on Cloud and Evernote. The ‘Plus Plan’ of Sortly costs $4.99 per month and customizable QR labels and secure cloud storage are the principal features of Sortly.

Sortly will make life simple in so many ways and internet marketers can  say ‘good bye’ to time consuming solutions with the advent of Sortly business inventory app. Sortly  business app allows to add up to eight images and price, notes, quantity and location can be tracked  using this groundbreaking business application. Sortly grants access to multiple users including admin access, edit access as well as read only access. The option to ‘recover lost data’ is a unique feature of Sortly business inventory app and Sortly is the ultimate organizer app beyond any doubt of dispute.

The best known features of Sortly are real time collaboration, profile management, project management, IT management, document sharing, two step verification, expense  tracking, contact importing,  device synchronization, online storage, inventory management, white boarding, chart generation, file editing, web research, calendar access, third party integrations, printing, and location tracking. The highest ranked business inventory app of Sortly has been featured in New York Times, ABC News, Fox News and Forbes. It is possible to create visual digital inventory with the help of Sortly and it is powered by photos, tag notes, QR labels, and lending info.

Sortly enables keeping track of all items using checklists, auto save tools, and cloud backup.  Business owners have fallen in love with the free version of Sortly and it can be used to track household items as well as receipts. Over five million inventory items have been organized yet in Sortly business inventory app and easy inventory organization is the primary feature of Sortly. The creators of Sortly are proponents of intuitive software and Sortly app is the perfect companion if we are clearing out home clutter. Sortly app allows to easily organizing inventory by location, category or room.

According to ace ecommerce maestros, Sortly is great for tracking antiques, electronics, and furniture. The information collected using Sortly can be used for insurance purpose as well and the dashboard of ‘Sortly’ shows how many entries we have made and the number of items tracked. Sortly is a synonym for simplified inventory and it is the ultimate inventory app with stellar reputation. Flexibility and customization facilities are the gorgeous benefits of Sortly business inventory app. Businesses or individuals  who want more efficiency, get organized and stay productive can utilize Sortly app. Sortly can be termed as the number one enterprise inventory app of all times  for the small businesses.

Positive experiences and user friendliness are the eloquent benefits of Sortly Pro business inventory app. When Sortly was developed, neither its creators nor others thought it would become so popular. Sortly team had been adding great features from time to time thanks to their farsightedness and business acumen. It is expected that Sortly will continue its invincible journey of excellence through the corridors of ecommerce industry. Users can get their yarn and craft stash organized with Sortly and the popularity of Sortly irradiates synergy of business success.

Sortly has a great support page if the user gets stuck and the ability to create hierarchies within folders is another top rated attraction of Sortly. Image editor is another useful feature of Sortly, an elegant attraction to business inventory apps. The free version of Sortly is recommended for personal use and it was featured in Huffington post, another feather in the cap of Sortly.

Simple home inventory and collectible tracker are the two most sought after features of Sortly. 15 seconds video can be added in a Sortly business inventory app and the cloud account in Sortly can be used to automatically backup data. The typical customers of Sortly pro software are freelancers and work from home professionals. The list of support options available in Sortly business app includes online support, knowledge base and video tutorials.

Features of Sortly Pro

  • Availability of free trial
  • No credit card required
  • Freemium account
  • Subscription based

The list of comprehensive features in Sortly include categorization, client management, customizable branding, history tracking, IT asset tracking, mobile integration, order management, purchase order management, RFID scanning, reservations management, tagging and user management. Encryption, HTTPS for all pages, multifactor authentication, and data backup in multiple locations are the security features available in Sortly business inventory app.

The free account of Sortly lets us to save 200 items with an up sell of $7.99 and attractive interface adds glory to the reputation of Sortly. Sortly is the number one ranked app in Apple store for managing personal as well as business inventory. It is a fantastic tool for improving the efficiency of business and Sortly Pro has great exposure to different companies. Clear fonts and colour coded folders are the major features of Sortly user interface and it showcases minimal design.

It is possible to create numerous combinations of rooms, boxes as well as sub folders in Sortly.  Sortly rocketed into prominence as an effective and reliable inventory app within a short time span. It is a splendid addition to the home mover’s app collection and the moving checklist helps Sortly to stand out from the rest. Sortly is clad in the finery of technological innovation and excellence and it is a combo package of IT+innovation. Managing of inventory has become as simple as a straight line with the introduction of Sortly. Sortly demonstrates the ping of change in ecommerce business and the makers of Sortly availed first mover advantage. It is a product from an offbeat business organization and the designers of Sortly are passionate about improving touch point.

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