6 Tips on How to Create Weight Loss Apps and Food Trackers For Developers

–With the technological advancements and the mass popularity of mobile devices, apps for catering to the need of food tracking have become massive hits. A clear understanding of customer response is critical in order to figure out an app layout or an interface that serves its purpose with complete honesty.

In 2018, gimmicks do not work when it comes to the health industry.

This article lets you know the reasons behind the popularity of these famous weight loss apps and the ones that claim to track your calorie count and even macronutrients.

Tip 1: Make the UI friendly to use

User interface plays an important role in determining the popularity of any app on the play store. Being user-friendly puts your app ahead of the competition as your customer will be able to use it more often and more conveniently. The apps for tracking food should have a simple interface that a user can find easy to connect with.


Tip 2: Focus on customer feedback

Analyzing the customer feedback can turn out to be useful to have the proper modifications or updates required from time to time. As an app developer, you must be focused on paying keen attention to the features that people find difficult to use and other problems regarding your app.


Tip 3:  Allow the user to feel social

Creating a platform where other dieters can share their progress and have interaction with each other can be a step towards creating what is called a ‘loyal user base”. These are the people who adopt the features in a way that the mobile application becomes a part of their daily lifestyle.

Think of it this way– a dieter using your app will be able to read the success stories during the times when demotivation hits them.


Tip 4: Provide regular updates

Yet another important thing you need to do in order to survive in this competitive era is to keep your product up to date. An outdated app can no longer compete while there are powerful rivals in this industry. Make sure to remove bugs with app updates along with keeping in mind that new features should also be added from time to time.

Modifications to the existing versions of the tracking applications have allowed them to be really good at what they aim to do– track everything in a precise manner.

Tip 5: Include unique features

In order to have a recognizable position in the competitive market, your app must have a bunch of features that are nowhere else available. These features will make your customer prefer your product over others. You must focus on the features that are usually not present in most of the health apps out there.

For this, there should be a special attention on the way your app deals with the user data and the regular input fed to it. Allow your user to have a detailed summary of the collected health data.

Tip 6: Include a section for blogs

Your app should contain a section dedicated to blogs related to various health issues of your potential users. If your app is dealing with weight loss, then you should include blogs of various aspects related to weight loss.

You should publish guides and diet charts in order to provide the relevant information. The blog section becomes important because of the fact that most of the users are naive when it comes to having the accurate information. Make sure that enough topics are covered in your blogs and a user can rely on the data provided by the articles published in your application.


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