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Snapchat Memories Not Working | Ensuring Fixes : Snapchat Memories feature was introduced in 2016. Snapchat Memories feature was first introduced in the year the year 2016. Since then, it’s been a hugely well-known feature. It is because, once you save photos to your memories and then accessing the photo on any device when you log into your ID. 

However, as with all things this isn’t the perfect solution and bugs are element of it. The most common bugor glitches in the app causes it impossible to access the memory. There are a number of reasons for this and solutions. 

Snapchat Memories Not Working | Fix 

The two main causes that the memory isn’t working issue are the internet and glitches and bugs of the application. It is unfortunate that bugs are commonplace within the application. This could cause memory not working issues, as well as connection issues. Here’s how to resolve the issue. 


Checking Internet Connection 

If the videos you’ve downloaded from the memory tab aren’t running or stop after a couple of seconds or appear blurred it is likely that you have a problem with your Internet connection. the cause of the issue. 

Because we are watching video that requires a high-speed connectivity to the internet, you can become stuck after a couple of minutes. If the image appears blurred it means that your device is inaccessible to internet, or the internet connection isn’t working even after you have connected. 

For checking the internet, visit Google via a browser. Then, you can check a speed test web site. If you’ve got internet, you can connect to google and determine whether you’re receiving full speed or not using an online speed test. 

Clearing Cache 

When you play a movie, it is created an archive. It allows to play the same video without downloading the whole thing repeatedly. However, sometimes the cache becomes corrupted. This means that the memory doesn’t function effectively. 

Step 1: To resolve this issue fix this issue, open your app’s settings and click”clear cache”. This will remove all data that is stored in the cache of the app. When you play a video, it is downloading the movie from the beginning and will run in a proper manner. 

Step 2: Sign In and Out/ Closing & Opening the App 

Sometimes, app glitches may result in the memory not to perform as they should. If your internet is working fine but your memory isn’t functioning, you can try shutting down and app and then opening it again. If that doesn’t solve the issue, then sign out, then sign back in. 

If the issue is caused by an error or bug that has been fixed, this fix will solve the issue and you’ll be able play videos in your memory. 

Check for Snapchat Server Down 

Sometimes, you are unable to access your memory in your Snapchat account due to the downed server. So , if you’re facing this issue, check whether the primary Snapchat server is inaccessible or not. If it’s down you won’t be able access your photos until it’s up. 


Step 1. Press long-press the Snapchat icon on the app, then click the Info icon from the menu that opens. In the App Info page, navigate to Permissions. 

Step 2. Allow all rights. 


Step 1. Start the Settings app Scroll down until you find Snapchat and then open it.

Step 2. Under allow Snapchat Access allow all the permissions that are required by turning on the appropriate switches.

Sign Out and Sign In

If you’re experiencing issues even after granting all the necessary permissions, you could try signing off and logging again into the Snapchat account. This will cause the Snapchat application to connect with the servers that run it, and this could resolve the issue. Here’s how to do it. 

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat app and then tap the Profile icon at the top left corner. Tap on the gear icon to open Snapchat Settings.

Step 2: Scroll to choose Log out of the menu. If you are asked, tap Yes to save your login information.

The app should be restarted, then sign in to check whether Snapchat can now load memories. 


Clear Snapchat Cache

When you download memories of filters, stickers stories,. and on Snapchat the data is stored as a caches on the local storage of your phone. This lets Snapchat not download the same data from the server in a series of. If the cache information on your phone is no longer accessible or corrupted, the Snapchat application may fail to start loading memory. 

It is possible to use the built-in option to clean your Snapchat cache from the device you use Android as well as iPhone to resolve this issue. 

Step 1: Launch Snapchat App. Click at the icon for your profile, followed by the gear symbol to access the Snapchat settings page. 

Step 2: Scroll until Account Actions and click on the Clear Cache option. Select Clear when asked. 

After clearing the cache, relaunch the app to check whether it is possible to load your memories. 

Update Snapchat App

If you’re having trouble loading memories onto Snapchat the issue may be related to the version of Snapchat that you’re running. The latest version should resolve any problems with your photos on Snapchat. 

Open Play Store or App Store on your Android or iPhone Install any updates to the app that are pending for Snapchat and then see how it works.

Reinstall Snapchat

If none of the options work, then uninstalling the app and setting up your Snapchat program from scratch could be your best bet. In most cases this method will end up solving all the issues related to your app. 

Memories in a Snap 

Memories are always a key characteristic of Snapchat. Of course, it is possible to save your snaps to you camera roll. But the capability to store your snapshots in Snapchat makes it easier to access them again on any device.