Simple Tips for Making Your Smartphone Actually Last

You can’t go wrong with an iPhone. Whether you have the latest flagship iPhone XS Max or an older model, any phone that’s a part of the Apple family is a beautiful, high-performing device. And they have the price tag to match. With its newest generation topping $1,500, the iPhone is one of the most expensive handsets on the market.

With a price like that, a new phone is a serious commitment that you can’t always justify. For your budget’s sake, it makes sense to hold onto your current phone as long as possible.

The average person keeps their iPhone for almost 3 years. You might be able to keep yours for longer by following these three tips:

  1. Getting the necessary updates

Ding goes your phone as it lets you know it has a software update ready to install. And swipe goes your thumb as you choose to ignore this notification. If you’re like most people, you put off accepting new updates to apps and your iOS for as long as possible. You like the way they work now, after all. You don’t want a supposedly “minor” update to change everything about your UX.

This is a mistake that leaves you vulnerable to security issues. Many of the most frequent updates fed down the line are crucial security patches protecting devices from malware. By choosing to opt out of it, you’re using an outdated iOS that’s more susceptible to security risks.

When you stay on top of every update, you’re giving your phone the tools it needs to perform like new. If you can’t remember the last time you accepted an update, go through Settings. Click General > Software Update. There you’ll see if an update’s waiting for you.


  1. Regulating its temperature

Your iPhone is a cold-blooded creature. It needs the temperature to be just right before it performs at its best — which is somewhere between 32 and 95 degrees for most Apple products.

If you combat deep freezes on the regular, you’ve probably noticed performance issues affecting its battery and display during the winter. In some instances, some people have even reported their iPhones’ glass backing shattering due to the cold.

To protect your iPhone from the cold, make sure you:

  • Keep it in your bag or pocket: A pocket, purse, or backpack — anything to add distance between your device and the frigid air.
  • Turn off your iPhone: When you know you’ll be outdoors for a long time, shut off your phone. This extends its safe temperature range down to -4.
  • Wait to charge: The cold weather can zap your battery but refrain from plugging it in as soon as you find an available socket. Charging your iPhone while it’s still frozen can damage it further.

regular temperture of smartphone

  1. Protecting it from damage

After your phone slips through your fingers, there are a few heart-arresting seconds before you can check to see the damage. In that moment, you’re playing an expensive game of Schrodinger’s mobile phone — your iPhone is both undamaged and damaged beyond repair.

Daredevils who like to live on the edge by keeping their iPhones bare will likely come out of this dilemma with irreparable damages. For a more cautious bunch, your iPhone can live to see another day if you use the following protective accessories.

  • Screen protectors: If your iPhone shares a pocket with keys or a particularly angular pen, it might come away with scratches in its screen. Protective screen covers stop cracks and fissures from ruining the display. Some, like the Prism, can withstand outright abuse, including drops that may crack other screens.
  • iPhone skins: An iPhone skin plays double duty. For one, it’s an easy way to customize the look of your handset. For another, it keeps your phone free from micro-scratches, smudges, and cosmetic problems that will make you feel the urge to get a replacement.
  • Extra-grippy cases: Not all cases are made equal — some are made with special materials to help you stop dropping your phone once and for all. Make sure your case is made of strong polymers that stand up to the roughest handling possible.

Few things can rival the feel of unboxing a brand new iPhone, yet as prices continue to climb, it’s something few people will be able to experience. If you can’t justify paying a grand (or more) for your next replacement, make sure you treat your current handset carefully. When you commit to its care, you may be able to prolong its life — giving you enough time to save up for your next investment — uh, phone.

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