3 Tips on Building a Sales Employer Brand

Whenever your company is in the process of hiring, it’s important to ensure that you’ve built an exciting company image in order to attract the top sales talent to your door. No matter how great your company is, or what is has to offer to new employees beyond monetary compensation, without a strong employer brand, your best features may remain hidden.

Developing a successful employer brand can be one of the most difficult parts about operating a business. It’s also an aspect of a sales company that is all too often overlooked in favour of goals that yield more tangible profits.

When you focus your efforts on attracting a qualified sales staff, however, everything else in your company will benefit. Whether you’re just starting on employer branding or want to check in to ensure that your current branding strategy is paying off, these 5 expert tips will prove absolutely essential.


  1. Hire a Sales Recruiter

While the main objective of any experienced sales recruiter is to provide companies with assistance fulfilling sales jobs by directing talented new applicants to your available positions, they can also give you expert advice on where any weaknesses might exist in your current branding strategy.

Beyond giving you advice on what employees look for in an attractive company brand, a sales recruiter can offer an assortment of other services to your company, such as assessing your current strategy and future goals – especially insofar as they pertain to hiring new people.


  1. Marketing Your Less Tangible Benefits

Business is business and if your applicants don’t care about the bottom line – their financial earnings – then you should probably question their capabilities. That said, why should they work for you if they can make a similar or better paycheque somewhere else? If you offer anything at all above and beyond regular income, make sure that it’s made obvious.

3. Foster Company Culture

There’s a reason that certain tech companies are able to attract the top talent in the entire world to their door – and that’s a strong company culture. One way they build that culture is by offering incentives beyond a competitive paycheque. Another way is that they build a name as a company that’s great to work for. Not only does a successful employer brand attract the best people, but it helps to keep them motived and inspired to do their best work after they’ve been hired.

Fostering a sense of meaning and purpose also contributes to increased employee happiness. When everyone’s eager to work towards the same goal of advancing a company, the effect will snowball and word-of-mouth will spread.

There’s really no bad time to start considering the status of your company image as it relates to employees. While many business owners make the mistake of overlooking the importance of employer branding, they risk losing out on attracting the best employees because of lack of interest. When you build a strong employer brand with the help of a sales recruiter, you won’t have to waste time on an endless search for talented salespeople because they’ll come to seek out you!

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