[Cool Tricks] Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Hidden Features | Tips & Tricks

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Steven is here with the Latest Tips and Tricks. We’ll be looking at many things in the next guide. trendy hidden features concerning the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Let’s get started.

How to Enable the Percentage icon in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

The first thing I want you to know is how to add a percentage to your battery. By default, you will see the battery icon without any percentage.

To do so, pull down the Proceed You can find the battery percentage in Settings.

This will allow you to see that there’s a certain toggle to start the battery percent.

This device’s corner is so beneficial that you know just how much battery you have.

How to Enable Automatic Call Recording in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

Because people sometimes forget things, automatic call recording is essential in this advanced age. This can also be used for security purposes.

This setting is simple: Click on the Phone option, then click the Right-Side settings panel. Next, click on Call Recording and turn it on.

How to  Change Navigation Keys in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

The typical Android navigation buttons are at the bottom. They’re fine and useable, but I understand that many people like gestures.

You have to activate it so pull up.

Next, Navigate to Settings and then search for NAVIGATION BAR. You’ll find the Navigation Bar option right there.

Tap on this and then tap on the Navigation bar. You’ll then see a range of options for the navigation bar.

  1. This is the first option. It’s really cool. You can adjust the order of the buttons at the bottom.
  2. You can choose to place your back button on your left side and the most recent apps on your right side. However, since I am right-handed, the back button is on my right side.
  3. It’s easier to toggle Default, but it’s still cool to have that customization capability. To activate gestures, you can tap on fullscreen gestures. You can also see the standard navigation after you’ve done that.

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How to Setup Screen Lock Style in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

This is how the lock screen appears.

Let me tell you how I can help you. Click on Settings, then search for LOCK STYLE. You’ll then see it under the lock screen.

There are many options for creating your own clock style. You can then choose to have your clock display always-on or locked screen.

Example: After the lock screen is completed, you can choose from a range of colors.

You can tap on it to automatically apply a bunch of colors.

Tap on “Done” and you’ll be able to see it when you go back to your lock screen clock mode. This is really amazing.

How to Optimize your Device Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

Because there is a lot of cache memory in the system, optimization is crucial.

Visit the Next, click on Settings.?then you’ll be able to see it right there. It’s checking the device care right now.

This article will help you find out which optimizations your phone might make to improve its speed.

It will also free up some storage to help you save money. There are no disadvantages to visiting the device care every now and again to make sure your mobile is optimized.

Now, I will tap on Optimize and my phone will optimize itself. You can see that it is now fully optimized.

All Secret Codes of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

  • Check IMEI Number : *#06#
  • To check GSM status information: *#0011#
  • To check software and hardware information: *#12580*369#
  • To Check Audio Loopback Control : *#0283#
  • To Check View SW Version PDA, CSC, MODEM : *#1234#
  • Check Dump mode: *#9900#
  • You can check the general test mode at *#0*#
  • *#2663# to check the latest firmware for TSP/TSK
  • To check Diagnostic configuration: *#9090#
  • To check Battery status ADC, RSSI reading: *#0228#
  • To check software version: *#1111#
  • To check hardware version: *#2222#
  • To check Insert Network Lock Keycode: #7465625*638*#
  • To Modify USB Settings: *#0808#
  • To Update Camera Firmware: *#34971539#
  • To Check Audio Loopback Control : *#0283#
  • To show camera menu: *#34971539#

How to Enable the Multi-Window Tasking in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is an excellent device for multitasking. It has a larger screen of 7.6 inches. The 3-Tasks can be operated easily by users.

How to enable this: First, open the Recent Apps. Next, click on the Top of Icon. Then click the Split-screen. If you need to continue the same process, the system will automatically divide the screen into two parts.

How to Enable Dual Messenger Option in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

This next feature, which is called a Dual Messenger, is very cool and can be extremely useful in certain situations. Click on settings and type in Dual Messenger. Then, enable the Dual Apps to suit your needs.

Is that really a way for them to create additional accounts on your social networking apps? Particularly helpful for other Apps and services like Facebook, which don’t allow you to register to multiple accounts at the same time?

This basically creates a duplicate application. You can use one account to register for one program, then another account to register for one.

You can have multiple accounts on your most treasured social networking platforms.

How to Hide Apps in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

An App Drawer is one of my favorite features of Android. It’s my opinion that Android is a little better than iOS. This is a great feature as you can put in a few of your less-used Apps into the Apps drawer. It also gives you a coordinated view of all the programs in your phone.

You can still hide apps with this cool feature.

Click on Home screen settings by long-pressing the Home screen button on your Home Screen Scroll down and click on hide apps. This will allow you to hide any app on your phone.

Take this example: You can simply tap the icon to see if it is currently being recorded under hidden Apps. You can hide programs, but that doesn’t mean they are indefinitely hidden.

It is very easy to quickly UNHIDE the item. We will check it immediately to make sure that it isn’t hidden. You can also see that it was previously under this Google folder. The duo is not available anywhere. This is a very cool product.

How to Enable All Wake-UP Settings in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

Go into your settings and type in Lift to wake And Click on the Wake-Up Settings.

Turn on! Lift to wakeThen, the same thing again Double-tap to Wake UpYou can then also Activate Smart Stay.

You can also choose to have the monitor turn on while you look at it. This is a great feature that may prove to be very useful.

How to Activate One-Handed-Mode in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

Samsung will offer a unique feature called the One-handed mode. This allows you to reach other areas of the screen and shrink the display.

Pull the Notification Panel. Next, go to Settings and search for One-Handed Mode. You can then activate it by swiping it down from the bottom of the screen.

Here are some tips for you: If you’d like, you could set it up so that if you double-tap on the home button, you can then find the one-handed mode. I would prefer that you could simply double-tap on the home button to enable it.

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How to Increase Multi-Tasking Speed with Using Enable or Disable Animations

Samsung’s UI 2.0 allows you to create some great animations. You can also decrease the animations that are too complicated. Let me show you how I can do that.

You can now see the Reduce animations option in the settings.

More Better Techniques To Increase Your Multi-Tasking

Let me show you how to do that.

Click on the Settings button and search for REMOVE ANMATIIONS. You can then see how to remove animations.

This can be done immediately or by simply removing the animations. Apps load much faster now that there are no animations. Navigation around the device is also much quicker. You can easily disable animations from the device by going to the developer settings.

How to Take Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

How to Take Screen Shot in Fold 3

Take a screenshot with all the Samsung-galaxy. All you have to do is hold the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously. This is our attempt. This is very beneficial.

How to Enable Edge Panel in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

Take a screenshot with all the Samsung-galaxy. All you have to do is press the volume button. We take a shot. This is very beneficial.

Any customization capabilities are also available.

Simply grab me a screenshot, and share it to. Then you can access the screenshot from your gallery app. Many people ask me what this is. That is the edge. You can turn the screen size whitening on to access your favorite apps at the side.

This means that you can customize it, but you also have the option to view it easily.

It’s a great way to quickly access your most frequently used apps on your phone’s side. If you don’t wish this feature for any reason, you might be tired of the little cut on your phone’s side.

Click on settings, then type search EDGE PANEL. Tap on Edge Panel to get more customizations. You can also add tools.

How to Enable Side Key  in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

Please show me the next feature.“Side key” This allows you to have more control over your power button.

We will therefore again pull down the navigation bar. Go to settings > Search > Type in SIDE KENY. You’ll then see Side Key. Tap on it again.

This is why the default configuration Double-press the side key to quickly launch the camera This is just another trend suggestion. But, you’ve got more different alternatives.

Here’s an example: You may be able to start Bixby by double-pressing the power button. However, I don’t use Bixby. This third option is particularly useful if you are a seasoned user.

rd Option: Setup the application

You can see that all the Apps are in one place when you tap this.

Let’s say I am going to use Instagram. Now, double-press the power button to open Instagram.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the OS of your device.

You can pull the apps you prefer by double-pressing on this power button. If the display is not working, Screen Off You can double-click on the button.

Although you might have to enter your PIN code or use your fingerprints, I will still take you up on any application you create with this app today, automagically using the Samsung-Galaxy Z Fold 3.

How to Enable Always on Display in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Tips and tricks | Hidden features

We know that many people love that feature. It’s a great way for them to glance at their display and see what’s happening.

It doesn’t consume more than 3 times the battery life in the exact same timeframe, because of the display on it.SAMOLEDNow to activate it Click on the Search bar to go to your settings.

Click on Always On Display and then tap on the show.

This means that you can place it on top of the cover to display the always-on screen for 10 minutes. You can even program peak times for the always-on display to be triggered.

How to Power OFF the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

How to Take Screen Shot in Fold 3

It’s not an easy task to Power Off because Samsung has removed the power-off control from all of the buttons, but they have replaced it with fresh controls. The viewer is now facing the Power Off on Samsung’s latest device.

Follow this Instruction: Simply Long press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously, the system will automatically show the Power Off button. Just press the Power Button.

How to Change Incoming Call Background in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung S21 Ultra Hidden FEatures

Because it didn’t change, the default incoming call background looks very boring. The layout of the button is the same in New Samsung’s One UI, but you can change it. Background for Incoming Calls

How to make it work?

Go to click on Call Settings and then click the Call background You can then easily alter the desktop and also choose the photo from your gallery. Enjoy.

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