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Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Hidden Features (Tips & Tricks)

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Hidden features, Shortcut Key. 7 Hidden Tip & Tricks of Galaxy C9 Pro | How to enable these Option & Shortcut keys. Camera Hidden Features and More – Short Description about the Topic.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is latest popular smartphone of 2017. It has an amazing 6.0inchs FHD large screen with amazing feature. Lets talk about the hidden feature and Tips and Tricks.

One Handed Operation : It has large screen and its not operate with one operation easily. For activate this operate 3times tap on Main Menu button.
>> Go to Setting >> Advance features >> Enable it.
Samsung-Galaxy-C9 Pro-One-Handed-Operation-Featured

Always on Display (AOD) : How to set screen saver on off screen with the help of AOD.
How to Enable : Go to Setting >> Find the option for Always on display >> Enable it and set the things which you want to display on off screen. (Clock, Calendar, Notifications).

Smart View : How to connect your phone with smart LED.
Swipe Down the main menu >> Find the Option SMART VIEW >> Long Press on it >> Paring your phone with LED >> After paring your phone sharing screen on LED.

S Secure : S Secure is one of the best function in C9 Pro because this app is design for a high security and Private space and secure it with fingerprint. How to use it : Follow Steps.
– Secure Folder : Its Private and secured folder, USer can store anything in this folder and secure it with your fingerptint sensor.
– Lock & Hide apps This Option has an amazing feature to Hide & Lock apps with your fingerprint sensor.
– Secure WIFI : Its Help to Secure your online Transaction.
s secure in galaxy c9 pro

S Power Planning : S Power Planning is one of the best function in C9 Pro because this app design for battery management system. User can set our phone battery to according to his needs.
Set the Battery Percentages according to his needs.
Reserve Battery Life.
– Calls when No battery : In S Power Planning has an amazing feature Calls When No Battery Suppose your smartphone battery is 10% , you can set your alternative number in S Power planning setting, When your going to switch off your calls forwarding to alternative number.
How to Use it :
Swipe Down Top Menu >> Find out the ULTRA-POWER-SAVING >> Open it and set up according to his needs.
samsung galaxy c9 pro reserve_batterysamsung galaxy c9 pro reserve_battery

Multi-Window Mode : How to use it
>> Go to Setting >> Advance features >> Enable the Multi-window.
How to use it : Swipe top Correct to Down
Multi-window in galaxy c9 pro

How to Take screenshot : Press Volume Down button at same Press HOME BUTTON. Phone Automatically capture screensot.

How to increase the speed of your Phone :
>> Go to setting >> Go to About >> Open and find Build number >> 5 Times on (Build Number option) >> Go to Home menu >> Again Go to Setting >> Find the developer Option >>
OFF Window Animation Scale >> OFF Transitition Animation Scale >> OFF Animation Scale.

Hidden Features

1) – Switch to front camera, user just swipe UP to DOWN on screen.
2) – For Using filters, user Just Swipe RIGHT to LEFT.
3) – For Using camera Modes, Just Swipe LEFT TO RIGHT.
4) – For Switch the camera, Just Swipe DOWN TO UP.

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