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Redmi Note 4 Hidden features, Shortcut Key. 10 Hidden Tip & Tricks of Redmi Note 4 | How to enable these Option & Shortcut keys. Camera Hidden Features and More – Short Description about the Topic.

Redmi note 4 is very popular smartphone of 2017 but Redmi smartphone many features which is hidden. Today we are disscuss about the Redmi note 4 hidden features , Tips and Tricks and more info. Follow the Steps, if you want to activate hidden features.

Redmi Note 4 Hidden Features :

redmi note 4
1) Take Long Screen Shot and Taking ScreenShots
– First ways for taking screen shot on note 4 : Press Power Button and at same time Press Volume Down button.
– Second ways for taking screenshot : Swipe Three Finger : UP to DOWN.
– How to Activate : Go to setting >> Additional Features >> Screenshot >> Enable three finger swipe option.

2) Quick Ball : Its a shotcut key option.
How to Enable it : Go to Setting >> Additional Features >> Quick Ball >> Enable it

3) Customize Top Menu Option : Customize the top status bar according to his needs.
How to Customize : Go to Setting >> Notification & Status bar >> Toggle Positions >> Set options according to his needs.

4) Test Your Full Phone : Fully test your phone : Touch, display and more other options.
How to activate test option : Go to Setting >> About >> 5-6 times tap on Kernel Version >> automatically activate the test option.

5) Now the big disadvantage of Redmi note 4 : Headphone Sound Voice is not high.
How to Increase the Sound Quality and How to Customize the Equalizer.
Go to Setting >> Sound & Vibration >> Audio Setting >> Headphone Remote button >> SELECT Control Music Playback.

6) Capture Camera Pictures with Date and time Label
How to Activate this option : Open the Camera >> Go to camera setting >>Enable Add time $ stamp in Photos.

7) Double Tap to Wake up
How to Enable it : Go to Setting >> Display >> Enable Double Tap to wake up option.

8) Set your Notes Reminder thing on Home Screen
How to Do : Go to Notes >> Create a note >> Click on Top Right option button >> CLICK ON Set Note on homescreen.

9) Direct Shortcut for Enable Flashlight :
User Just Long Press Home Button Phone automatically enable flashlight.

10) Enable One-Handed Operation :
How to Enable it : Go to setting >> Additional features >> Enable One Handed Option.
How to Activate this on Phone : User swipe the Finger >> HOME BUTTON TO BACK BUTTON >> CLICK ON YES.

11) Enter fast boot and recovery mode :
In order to enter fast boot mode, press power and volume down button simultaneously till you see the MIUI Fastboot logo. On the other hand, if you want to enter recovery mode, press Power, and Volume Up button simultaneously.
Note: You cannot access recovery mode, unless the boot loader is unlocked

12) How to Hide Data and How to Access Hide Data :
MIUI has a feature to hide message and file within its default app. In order to open it,
swipe the screen downwards till the private section appears.
Now select the files/message, which you want to hide and tap on the hide option below.
It’s worth mentioning that you can protect it by setting the password as well.

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