Oneplus 8T is the first one plus smartphone to come with full-fat oxygen 11 not to mention the fresh Android 11 OS straight out of the box and what are the first things you’ll notice when you have a play around with oxygen OS 11. It’s just how different everything looks from the very smart looking and settings menu to the updated Oneplus apps.

These all-new Aesthetics are proper Lush and that was the actual functionality on each screen has actually been shunted down towards the bottom. So it’s all much easier to reach with one hand. I mean, it’s not a replacement for an actual One-handed mode is it Oneplus but it is very much appreciated still when your friends since desperately trying to check the tree in times while also simultaneously stopping your sprog from leaping out into traffic but oxygen OS 11 is not just a mere paint job.

You’ll see get a few excellent new features and a few updated features chucked in there too. And here’s a closer look at some of the best bit. You’ll find stuffed inside of oxygen or S11 old and you whether you treat yourself to a new one plus is T or of course, it will also be all announced to exist in more plus smartphones shortly.

How to Customize Lock Screen with interesting Widgets:

Oneplus 8t Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks

1) What you want to do is head to Settings and then Go to customization and you’ll find it in there now as usual from here. You can quickly customize your wallpapers on both your lock screen and your home screen. You got the choice of all of those live wallpapers, which were introduced in the previous Oxygen OS 11.

2) You can also set up the Fingerprint Animation to get a few different selections on the new Oneplus 8t.

3) One thing, I personally love this new Oneplus 8T device Which is interested in all-new latest clock style. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the default clock style has cheated quite considerably as I feel a lot more attractive these days you still got that typical Oneplus Clock style.

Oneplus 8t Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks

But even better depending on your personal taste, of course, is the First new insight clock style inside. It is a digital well be an effort that tells you how many times you’ve unlocked your smartphone so far today while any screen on time throughout the day, we’ll cover slice out of that Rimbaud. All colored Central bar.

So if come to the end of the day that Central bar has all but disappeared and the unlock figure is high into triple figures then you know, you’ve probably spent too much time on your phone.

How to Setup these Settings:

Step 1: That’s quick and easy to all you got to do is dive into those Settings.

Step 2: Go to display and then scroll down to Ambient Display.

Step 3: You’ll find the options to turn it ON or OFF. You can have it appear every time you pick up your phone for Instance.

Pull it out of your bag or your pocket. You can have it activate whenever you Tap the screen which is quite handy. If you have the phone on the desk next to you we’re gonna have it simply activated all day long or schedule it between to set hours. It’s quite handy if you don’t have it on all night long now that’s always quintet another oxygen OS features completely changed up in oxygen OS 11 and the elite the power menu

Long Press Power Button Shortcut Functionality 

Oneplus 8t Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks

So now if you Press and Hold Down the Power Button on Oneplus 8T with Oxygen 11, You’ll be confronted with a very different Beast as usual. Of course, you’ve got your emergency functionality.

Oneplus 8t Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks

  • You can simply Switch off or Restart the OnePlus smartphone if you like and of course, you can take a screenshot of functionality built-in there just like you do on the Pixel smartphones.
  • Then you get to Tap and Go because I’ll just set up via the Google Play app as usual. And if you’ve got multiple cards set up in Google pay noise just up those Three dots and then Tap view all to see all the other cards you use and then last up down near the bottom of the New Power Menu Screen. You’ll see you’ve got fast access to some of your Google form smart devices.
  • This is very very handy indeed again just for fast access to some of your lights your cameras and you can even access your heating see exactly what temperature is in your house all that good stuff now one feature that hasn’t really changed. That much at all for oxygen OS 11, but it is a little bit prettier and it’s still a pretty damn good feature is the shelf and by default.

How to Oneplus Notes App with Speech to Text

Microphone Speech to text oneplus 8t, Oneplus 8t Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks

Oneplus Notes app by default. Of course, you’ll find this buried away in the Apps Tray along with all of the other one plus apps then all you got to do is Set up new notes or go into an old now and start editing.

You’ll notice you’ve got this little microphone icon over here at the top Right-hand corner of the keyboard just give that a Little tap. Then Everything that you say will be transcribed directly and imported as Text.


Faster Oneplus 8T Game Space 

Microphone Speech to text oneplus 8t, Oneplus 8t Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks

Nifty game Space feature in a call this up at any point by Tapping the Game Space Shortcut You’ll find its crew the weight, of course in the Apps Drawer and this just gives you fast access to all of your games as you see.

I’ve only got what not there at the moment but it is a bloody good one now before you actually dive face-first into a game you can shoot yourself in a scene exactly how much of your life you have wasted on mobile games in the past week or so. Otherwise, once you’re actually in a game you can pull out the Game Tab with a quick swipe from the top left all the top right corner and this offers up a small but

Since the selection of games and features or for instance, very handily can quickly check the time and the remaining battery life on your OnePlus smartphone. If you tend to let time sort of getting away from you a bit.

Microphone Speech to text oneplus 8t, Oneplus 8t Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks

You can even check on the internal temperature of your OnePlus smartphone as well.  You got the likes of the screen recorder function. If you want to save it your frag sessions for posterity, you can quickly pull up a WhatsApp or window so you can have a chat with your mates during the game and by default, you’ll still be alerted to any Ins that pop in but you can just completely block that if you want and as usual got fast access to that food Natick mode as well as just channels all of your OnePlus phone’s resources into your gaming sessions.

How to Access the Oneplus 8T Secret Hidden Space

Microphone Speech to text oneplus 8t, Oneplus 8t Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks

Right Swipe and your Apps Drawer of your smartphone Main Screen. Otherwise, you can also access it by Pinching Out Vertically on your Main screen and hidden space. Just Allows you to quickly and easily hide away any laps you don’t really want on short for other people to see stuff.

There might be a little bit embarrassing of people actually spot them right there in your apps tray and one last feature that I would love to just briefly mention as well. It’s another feature that makes a return to oxygen OS 11, but it is a fantastic one and that’s the optimized charging feature. This can be found at Hidden Away inside of the Phone.


AI Learning Usage with Zen Mode

Microphone Speech to text oneplus 8t, Oneplus 8t Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks

Three Settings Show the optimized charging feature is active and what this does is it learns your charge and habits or say for instance you get a bit 6:30 a.m. Every morning. It will learn that and then I’ll make sure it just trickle charges your battery until around sort of Mark and then it will make sure it’s fully charged just in time for your jump out of bed all ready to conquer the deer or whatever the hell it is.

You do in the morning and that truly you’ll find a lot of other great features squirreled away in there including quick gesture support the likes of your digital well-being and parental controls that Of course good olds inboard. If you want to take an enforced break from the world in general and just chill out with some family friends pets or just a good old-fashioned ball of whiskey.

So anyway, there you go. That is my tips and tricks guide for oxygen OS 11 just showcasing some of the new bits that you’ll find stuff in there. Some of the old classic features that have been slightly updated or just well worth a mention again, because they’re so bloody great and if it’s actually the OnePlus 8T.