MIUI 12 Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, this is Steven, and Xiaomi has announced his latest update of MIUI 12 and brings some really exciting features and changes now. We don’t really have any Xiaomi device with the New Order of MIUI 12  installed.

But that’s not going to stop us from taking a look at the most exciting your turn features. So we’re Going to do that but stay tuned to the end because we will be telling you the list of devices that will be getting the update of MIUI 12. Now, let’s take a look at me were 12 features.

MIUI 12 Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks

1) Super Wallpapers

MIUI 12 Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks

The biggest highlight of MIUI 12 is the super wallpapers, your current brings new super wallpapers inspired from Mars and Earth, and well as you can see they look really cramped and pretty. Guess how it looks amazing when you unlock the phone with the mask wallpaper. Now take a look at the Earth were people here are is pretty cool. Plus it’s not just one unlocking these wallpapers look cool.

2) Data Visualization

MIUI 12 Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks

Even when you’re just crawling between the patient’s now coming to the actual UI changes. We are will Build on you are defining MIUI 11 and when things are even fair enough we’re expecting MIUI 12 is even One minimal looking analyze the fact that this better data visualization all across take a look at the about feed the storage pair and my account page. They also certain data beautifully visualized even the settings page the battery graph page looks more modern and you know visual I like helping this cool looking you why is the animal and you know, And you know visual I like it helping this cool looking you.

3) Better Animations

MIUI 12 brings better smooth animations all across the platform is basically an animation for everything. For example, take a look at the quick settings page. So this is how it looks I like. Fun on the different toggles others nice and kind of iOS-like.

MIUI 12 Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks

Even when the Wi-Fi is connected you get this really subtle yet. Nice animation most importantly though the app opening and closing animations have been improved. Check this out. Yeah now take a look at an app closing in slow motion. These animations remind me a little of iOS, but I like it.

Any way that I’d better. On a cross, as you can see, we do uninstall apps finishing a task in the notes app moving across things opening up an event in the calendar checking the battery stats or even the screen rotation animation, which looks really smooth.

4) Improved Gestures

There are too many changes with MIUI 12 as comparing it with MIUI 11. As you can see in MIUI 11 full-screen gestures have this refined animation and there’s a lengthy bar the bottom. So you can Go to Home. So I have an old to see these things app screen and flick left or right to switch between apps. I’m not sure if Xiaomi has kept the swipe and hold back gestures for improving our but I hope they have.

5) Global Free Window

MIUI 12 Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks

I’ve been complaining about phones getting bigger and bigger and I mean Global free Windows one me what will feature that makes use of that with me?

In MIUI 12 You can run every app in small freeform Windows the different gestures for this to you can

  • just swipe up and hold an app and bring it to this icon on the top to run that app in a small window.

6) Dark Mode 2.0

MIUI 12 Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks

MIUI 12 looks great with all the colors splashed over the black UI and MIUI 12 is making dark mode even better. First of all Dark Mode 2.0 in MIUI 12 works with almost every single app out there.

Secondly, it’s improved MIUI 12 is set to improve readability and reduce eye strain while using the dark mode you notice automatic Font Wake and contrast. The text will appear brighter and the wallpaper dimming feature will dynamically adjust the color temperature of your wallpaper a nice.

7) Privacy Features

MIUI  12 three new privacy features of borders play barbed wire and masses.

Play Working:  so they heal one by one flare. We keep track of the behavior of all apps present in the phone and bring your list of That may be full of out of line relating to privacy or abusing permissions.

Barbed Working:   Barbed improves on average permissions manager and this is to make sure enough won’t show the always allowed button for the location of camera permission. If the app does not specify one requires permission.

Mass Working:   Mass system is a feature similar to Realme UI and color OS 7 personal information protection feature. So the mass system will be basically A masses your personal info and blank your info.

8) Mi Health

MIUI 12 Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks

Xiaomi recently launched his new application MI Health for Xiaomi users.  All you need is your phone with you to try to steps workouts and more. So the app will send you to surrender reminders and we’ll be able to monitor your sleep. Yes. It works without a fitness tracker. All you need to do is place your phone on your pillow while sleeping and yeah, I will try to stick. I mean it sounds a little in Convenient bar.

9) Some Other Changes

  • MIUI 12 also brings a whole lot of other changes like this cool Dynamic weather graph which shows this really cool animation based on the weather.
  • AI calling features that is probably China only.