Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync:How to setup Microsoft Exchange on Android phone

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is a management protocol which supports mobile devices to access contacts, emails, tasks, calendar and notes from Microsoft Exchange Server. It was first introduced in 2002 and at present it is in version 14.1. When one user installs Exchange2016, This protocol enables automatically.

It is developed in such a way that it works in high latency low band width networks. It also helps its users to access the information even in offline mode. It is established on XML & HTTP which lets mobiles to use the information of an organization on the server which runs Microsoft Exchange. The Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync android is licenced by popular Microsoft Server.


  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is also responsible for policy control and mobile device administration.
  • This link can be done straight from the device via cellular data or Wi-Fi.
  • For accessing this, your device needs to be properly designed to connect to the internet afore using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  • It enhances security features to mobile communication with the server by Standard encryption services.


  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for android has the following features:
  • It enables task management.
  • It supports fast message recovery.
  • It has a feature of direct push.
  • It supports the facility of HTML messages.
  • It supports on behalf of seeing message reply status.
  • Improved device safety and security over password policies
  • It supports follow up standards.
  • It also enables for Enhanced Interchange Search.
  • It allows for PIN resetting.
  • It allows automatic reply system when the user is away from the device.

Configuration of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync in Android:

Here is a guide in which there is mentioned how to setup an email account with the help of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync in android. Exchange ActiveSync makes probable to the user to coordinate calendars, e-mail, and contacts from the web mail to the user’s Android device. This activity uses user’s domain to represent his/her email address. So it’s important that when you want to access this you must enter your real domain and email account.

    The complete process is described below:

  • First you have to open the settings in your android device.
  • Then click on Accounts.
  • Scroll down the page and click on add account.
  • Then you will find an option Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Click on that.
  • Now you have to fill up the necessary details given in that page like you have to enter your email address and the correct password and click on Manual Setup.
  • Then here you have to enter the domain and username for domain and enter “” for “Exchange server” and again enter “yes” in the option “Use secure connection (SSL)” and after putting all the details simply click on next.
  • It’s the time when user’s device will start to validate/verify the settings.
  • After the completion of verification, user will be able to decide on what to sync to his/her device with the time period. Then click on the Next button.
  • Now user may add a depiction to detect the list of accounts in user’s device.
  • Now the setup is finished and user will be able to synchronize contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and email services from the web mail to the user’s Android device.


What’s the Benefits of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync:

  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync android offers the maximum level of combination for the newest mobile devices including Android, iPad/iPhone and Windows Phone etc. It is also accessible in most of the other mobile platforms. 
  • It decreases the extent of data sent over the mobile network.
  • With a single account, it provides the access of multiple messaging systems.
  • It is able to exchange updates and modifications protocol uses a technology which is every so often denoted as Push. This Push technology offers a feature of synchronization of mail enable server.
  • For this, no extra installation of software is needed.
  • The licence of ActiveSync has a yearly subscription which leads to low price as compared to monthly or bimonthly subscription etc.

Besides, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync android offers enhanced device security features such as remote wipe, password policy of device where it needs alphanumeric passwords having a minimum length and the recovery of password etc.

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