In the ever-growing digital era, emails seem to be the oldest marketing technique businesses can leverage. However, it is still one of the most powerful tools for taking your business to the next level of success. As a matter of fact, email marking is a core element of digital marketing. Emails can help in strengthening your relationship with the existing customers while engaging your prospects. Email marketing can provide your business with the best returns.

However, not all email campaigns are able to produce the desired outcomes. The core reason is the lack of a proper email marketing strategy. Availability of the services of the experts is an ideal solution to the problem. If you are planning to connect with the experts, here you can find a thorough overview of such solution for your business and improve the success of your email campaigns. With the right strategies, it is quite easy to increase the conversion rate of your email campaigns.

Are you wondering how to increase the conversion rate of your email campaigns and avoid getting into spam? If yes, here are the 7 best ideas you can leverage.

  1. Build an Organic Email List

Most businesses prefer renting or buying email lists in order to reach out to a wider audience. However, sending emails to people who haven’t given you permission to send emails may land you in the spam folder. It is always better to build your own email list to avoid such a situation. With an organic email list, your open rate is sure to increase drastically. It is mainly because you will be sending emails to the people who are actually interested in your business offerings.

Building an organic email list can also help in reducing spam complaints. However, many businesses find it challenging to build their own email list. In order to build your email list, one of the best ways is to offer valuable incentives to your target audience. In exchange for appealing discounts and great content, you can easily create a huge, high-quality email list.

  1. Segment Your Emails

One of the main reasons why your email ends up in spam is that you are sending emails to the wrong person. If the receiver is not interested in your email, it is pretty obvious that your email will end up in the spam folder. So, segmenting is a must if you want to avoid getting into spam and enhance your conversion rate. Segmentation ensures that your email reaches the right person, thereby increasing your conversion.

When it comes to segmentation, you can segment your email list on the basis of demographics, behavior, interests and preferences of your customers. Segmented email campaigns can provide you with 100.95% clickthrough rates in comparison to non-segmented email campaigns. Consider segmenting your email list regardless of the action you want your customers to take or what you are promoting.

  1. Consider the Email Length

In the busy lifestyle of the present times, people do not have time to go through lengthy emails. Some people may simply see the size of the email and mark it as spam. Therefore, it is important to reconsider the length of your email before sending it to your target audience. There isn’t any ideal length for emails. However, you need to make sure that your content is practically readable and digestible.

Try crafting short and sweet emails in order to improve your conversion rates. Make sure to cover all the important points within that short email. Moreover, ensure that your email is easy to read and comprehend and offers value to the receiver.

  1. Create an Attractive Subject Line

The subject line of your email is one of the most important elements that you must focus on. If your subject line is quite general and irrelevant, there are high chances that your audience will spam your email even without opening it. Therefore, it is vital to crafting an innovative and appealing subject line.

If your target audiences are impressed by the subject line, they are sure to open and read your email. This, in turn, can help in increasing the conversion rate of your email campaign while avoiding spam. Make sure that the subject line is short and crisp. However, it must clearly convey the content of the email.

  1. Personalize Your Emails

Another effective way of avoiding spam and increasing the conversion rate of your email campaign is by personalizing your emails. Make sure that your emails do not look or sound robotic. In order to personalize your emails, you can add the name of the receiver in the emails. For instance, you can greet your audience using their name. This sends the message that the email is intended for the particular receiver. It can increase your conversion rate significantly.

Another great way to personalize your emails is to offer relevant content to the audience. For instance, if you want to promote your products, try to look at your target audience’s purchasing history. On the basis of that, you can recommend relevant products to your customers. Customizing the subject line can also help grab people’s attention and improve your conversion rate.

  1. Use Simple Templates

It is quite tempting for businesses to leverage over designed templates with too many colors, graphics, and images. However, this can negatively impact your email marketing campaign. People may simply overlook your email or even mark it as spam. So, it is vital to keep your email as simple as possible.

Try using a simple template with a border and your brand logo. It can help humanize your brand and enable people to focus on the content of your email. This, in turn, can enhance the conversion rate of your email campaign.

  1. Avoid Using the Spam Trigger Words

Another simple yet important idea to increase your email conversion rate is to avoid using spam trigger words. Some words in the subject line such as ‘cash,’ ‘free,’ and ‘best price’ may make your email land in the spam folder. So, make sure to avoid such words that seem to be over exaggerating or unreal.


If you want to reach out to more customers and enhance the success of your business, email marketing is the key. However, make sure to keep the above ideas in mind. Leveraging these ideas can help effectively improve your email campaign conversions and reduce the chances of ending in the spam folder.