How to Fix Pokemon Home Error Code 10015

Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 : Pokemon Home customers are affected by this error and want to know the reason this error is occurring and how they can solve the issue.

Continue reading until the very end to discover more information regarding Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 and the reason behind Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 that is recurring, and what can be done do you resolve it?


Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home is also known by its stylized name of Pokemon HOME, is a mobile app and an Nintendo Switch game in the Pokemon series. It was launched on 20 February 2020 by ILCA and distributed by The Pokemon Company.

Its primary purpose is to save Pokemon from the clouds. It also features an option to use the Global Trading System’ (GTS) that was not included with Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield and allows players to transfer Pokemon from their storage systems the Nintendo 3DS’s Pokemon Bank, as well as Pokemon Go, to the Switch.


Pokemon Home Error Code 10015

Pokemon Home is among the most popular and well-known apps that are part of the Pokemon series. Each system and platform will have issues.

It’s just a fact. A few problems that are present in the Pokemon Home application includes Error code 10015.

Pokemon Home users are affected by this issue and want to know the reason behind Pokemon Home’s Error Code 10015 is so prevalent and how to deal with it.

What can I do to determine the cause of this “2-ALZTA-0005” error code?


If you’re experiencing an error message of 10015 or 2-ALZTA-0005 , here’s what it signifies. There’s a bad egg on Your Pokemon home box. It can happen when hackers’ Pokemon is detected by the new Anti-cheat system.

Eggs that are not good eggs cannot be moved or removed. They do not develop in a hurry. Keep in your mind that any eggs within the home are not eggs that are good.

To resolve this problem, here are this solutions that work for Pokemon Home Nintendo Switch game and the mobile version of the game for no cost.

Solution 1: Through Switch

Then follow the instructions.
Settings > Manage data > Delete the saved data for the app. the app.

This will not erase Pokemon associated to accounts.

Solution 2: Through Smartphone

Uninstall, and then download it again. Pokemon app.

Contact Pokemon Support

If the problem persists and continues to happen it is necessary to call Pokemon customer service to ask them to eliminate the eggs that aren’t good.
Help has been contacted and they’ve responded. It is advised to file an issue and make sure you are able to resolve the issue.

Make Sure you Use Clean Profile

Accounts that do not have any past of hacking Pokemon and also poor eggs. However, it means that you’ll be losing Pokemon that you’ve acquired over the course of long periods of time using the compromised account.

If you’ve accumulated a few of Pokemon over the years it is possible to discern the ones that are most suspicious, and also identify the fake Pokemon. Examine the most suspect parameters and make sure to contact the source whenever it is possible.

OTHER ALTERNATIVES: How to Fix Pokemon Home Error Code 10015

It’s not possible for players to accomplish to solve Pokemon Home error code 10015 as the issue seems to be related to the server. Pokemon Home customer support confirmed that they’re planning to launch an update before the end this month. This will resolve the error 10015as well.

However, they may be able to rid themselves of this issue creating profiles that aren’t overflowing with eggs that are negative. In the meantime, we recommend that players contact us with this error number 10015 Pokemon Home Support and wait until the Pokemon Home Support team are capable of resolving the problem.

It is the only thing you need to keep in mind when working on Pokemon Home error code 10015.