What is Reddit?

Reddit or, as many prefer to refer to it the homepage of the Internet is a site that allows content sharing discussions, discussion, and social news collection. Users can join with others who share similar interests and create subreddits or communities. These social networks are utilized to communicate images, links, videos as well as other media.

Reddit’s users Reddit have uploaded more than the 430 million post mark in 2021, and 5.8 billion posts through the years. Reddit posts are viewed by over 30 billion visits each month. In the country of Australia only, 89% are internet users, and 17.65 million are Reddit users.

On all the social media websites In 2021, the Australians were on Reddit for about six mins for 6 minutes on Reddit.

With all the essential information about Reddit provided Let’s cut down to find out how to erase Reddit history.


How Do I Clear My History From the Reddit Application?

To clear your browsing history in the Reddit app.

Launch the app and navigate to the menu located in the upper left corner.

  • Click the “Settings” and then “History.
  • Under “History Options,” tap on “Delete All Browsing History.
  • It will erase all of your browsing history in the Reddit application.

How To Delete Search History On Reddit App

How can I erase the entire Reddit History (post as well as a comment) by using the Reddit History Remove Chrome extension?

  • There’s an extension for Chrome that will help you in this. It’s named “Reddit History Delete” and it’s incredibly simple to use.
  • After you’ve added the extension to your browser, simply click the Reddit icon on your Chrome toolbar. Select “History.” You will see a listing of all your activities on Reddit including posts and comments. To remove your history, mark the boxes beside the items you wish to erase and select “Delete.”
  • You can also erase all of your Reddit history by choosing “delete all” at the end of the list. It will erase all of your posts and comments on Reddit. Be cautious – when it’s gone, it’s deleted!

How can you Delete the Entire Reddit History at Once With the Extension?

  • To begin, first, open your Reddit history using an internet browser.
  • Then, you can then install next, install the Delete All Comments extension for Chrome or Firefox.
  • After the extension has been installed, click the icon on the toolbar and choose “Delete all comments.”
  • All of your Reddit logs will be erased in a matter of minutes!

How can you Delete all of your Reddit History at Once with this Extension to the Reddit Enhancement Suite Extensions?

If you don’t have it yet Download the Reddit Enhancement Suite by clicking here. You’ll need Chrome or Firefox for this extension to function. Be sure to install it properly and run it for the first time to ensure you are sure that the settings are correct prior to take down any content on Reddit.

  • Go to https://www.reddit.com/prefs/ and scroll down until you see:
  • Content options: uncheck hide/show child comments under voting the arrows (not applicable for Reddit Gold users)
  • Options for appearance/display of compact link previews
  • Click on the delete button in”History. “History” tab.
  • A pop-up window will ask to confirm your answer that you want to erase all your history.
  • Refresh Reddit and all of your Reddit history will be erased!
  • If you’d like to view your Reddit history, simply go through Step 2 and tick on the checkbox “view my account history” and it will be displayed once more.

Delete Reddit History On Desktop/ PC/ Mac/ Browser

Delete Reddit History Via The Profile Page

Reddit provides a means to erase your history of posts on its profile page. This method works best when you use an internet browser on your personal computer. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1. Visit the official Reddit website and sign in to your account.

Step 2. On the upper right-hand corner of your screen click the Profile icon

Step 3. In the menu that appears, select Profile to go to the Overview page, where you’ll erase the post history or comments and several other choices.

Step 4. Look through the comments or posts until you find the post or comment that you would like to erase.

Step 5: Move your cursor over and then click the Ellipsis symbol (three dots) and then click on in the pop-up window that appears Click on delete post to confirm the deletion.

This technique also works to delete Reddit the history of comments. You can follow the same procedure to erase any comments from the past.

Delete History On The Reddit App

1. How To Delete Reddit History On Android

If you’re a fan of Reddit on your smartphone It’s also possible to remove the history through the Android application. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Start the Reddit Android app and then sign in to your account.

Step 2. Go to the top left, then tap the profile icon. Profile icon

Step 3. The dropdown menu will appear, click to open History and after that, go back to the left side of your screen , and tap on the ellipsis symbol (three dots) Then, tap Clear History.

step 4: Similar to that you will find that all you’ve ever written on your Reddit comments and post history disappear with the Android application.

How To Delete Reddit History On The iPhone App

If you know how to erase Reddit information on Android the procedure and steps are nearly identical to this version of the Reddit iPhone application. Here are the steps for you to follow:

Step 1. Launch the Reddit App for your iPhone and sign in to your account.

Step 2. At the top left side of your screen tap on the profile icon, and then tap the Settings icon.

Step 3: Locate and tap on Clear Local History. On the screen that pops up you need to tap ” Yes” to confirm the deletion of your comments or comments.

Step 4. This is it. Your entire Reddit history is gone successfully using the iPhone application.

Clear Reddit Search History Via Mobile App (Android And IPhone)

Apart from being able to delete your comments and posts history as well as your post history on Reddit You can also erase any search histories. So, other users who has access to Reddit through your account will not see the humorous or inappropriate things you search on the site. Here’s how you accomplish this:

Step 1. Log into your account via your account on Reddit Android or iPhone app

Step 2. Hit the search button the place where you typically look for subreddits and terms.

Step 3. All of your keywords will show. Click the “X” next to each word to ” Delete.”

step 4: Browse through words while you remove each.


How Can You Erase Your Reddit History Using the “My Profile” Page?

If you’d like to remove your Reddit history it is possible to do so by visiting”My Profile” on the “My Profile” page.

  • Click the gear icon located in the upper right-hand part of every Reddit page, then choose “My Profile” from the menu.
  • On the “My Profile” page, scroll until”History & Cache” section “History & Cache” section and then click on”Delete all my activity data” button “Delete all my activity data” button.
  • It will ask you to verify you would like to erase your history. Click the “Yes” or “Yes, I want to delete my history” button to continue.
  • It is likely that your Reddit History will be erased and will not be accessible via the “History.

Clear Reddit Search History On Computer/ Web Browser

In addition to clearing Reddit search history using the mobile application, you can also do it using an internet browser. Here’s how you complete the process:

Step 1. Log into your Reddit account using an internet browser

Step 2. On the home page Click in the search box, then find and click the icon next to each search term, to “Delete”

Step 3. Browse through the list of search terms and delete each one at a.