How to Officially Cancel Zoom

You’ve jumped onto the Zoom bandwagon but are now required to end your Zoom membership. Or, you’ve found an alternative to chat via video in conference mode, or simply don’t need the service anymore. No matter what, you’re experiencing issues that range from figuring out what to do to ending your Zoom subscription.

Zoom gained a lot of attention in the midst of the pandemic shutdowns because millions of Americans searched for ways to be connected remotely to their jobs and social lives. The trial version is free offered, as well as the basic, free plans for service, Zoom was easy to sign up for. However, for those who decided to go with an upgrade to Zoom Pro or Zoom Add-Ons paid subscriptions and want to cancel, resigning from Zoom could prove more challenging than you thought.

You could be on an auto-renewal cycle if you didn’t cancel your trial period before your 30-day period expired. Perhaps you’re ready to let it go and drop Zoom entirely because you’ve discovered another conference provider.

The Fight is real since you don’t only have to stop the auto-renewal process, but you have to then end Zoom and then remove accounts.

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How to Officially Cancel Zoom


The method you use to cancel your Zoom subscription is likely to be directly connected to the way you purchased it initially. It will also matter as well, what Zoom services plan you choose to sign up for when you go through the steps to cancel your subscription. Here’s the information Zoom users should be aware of.

The Different Types of Zoom Subscriptions

Zoom subscriptions are available in a variety of kinds, and individuals opt for one or the other according to the reason behind using the app for video chat.

Anyone who signs up is able to opt for a basic, free membership that is ideal if you don’t make use of Zoom frequently and don’t participate in meetings for more than forty minutes. It’s also helpful if don’t host meetings that have more than 100 people.

The subscription is forever free and allows you to make private chats as well as group chats. Also, you have access to the Zoom Whiteboard which comes with three boards that can be edited by using some of the basic features. Additionally, it includes 25MB of cloud storage.

The second option will be The Pro subscription. It costs EUR139.90/year/license and it was made for small teams. It allows up to 100 people however, you can use an add-on called Large Meetings add-on to increase the number of participants to 1,000. You will get 1GB of cloud recording. You also have access to streaming of social media and you can host meetings for groups that last up to 30 minutes. Similar to the free service, you’ll also get Zoom Whiteboard accessibility.

When you sign up for the Pro subscription, you have the option to purchase as many as 9 licenses for each account.

Another subscription option that users can purchase can be purchased is one called the Business one. This one is great for small businesses and it costs EUR189.90/year/license. It has the same features as the Pro membership but includes some additional options.

For instance, you could obtain the possibility of up to 99 licensing. You can manage domains as well as record transcripts. You can accommodate up to 300 attendees however, you can also boost the number of attendees to 1,000 by using a large Meetings add-on. The company logo and one sign-on is also available. Also, you can utilize Zoom Whiteboard, however, you can edit your boards indefinitely. that are available.

Then, there’s the Enterprise subscription which was developed for large-scale enterprises. The price is EUR223.20/year/license and it starts at 50 licenses for EUR11,160/year. All the advantages of the Business account are offered in addition to a few other benefits. You have access to Zoom Whiteboard and have unlimited boards that you can modify.

You also get unlimited cloud storage and the ability to keep transcriptions. Meetings can hold up to 500 attendees.

How to Cancel Your Zoom Subscription

The process of canceling Your Zoom subscription is relatively simple but there are several steps to follow.

1. To begin, you must launch Zoom on your computer.

2. Once the Zoom window opens you can click on the profile picture in the upper-right corner. If you don’t have a profile photo in place, it will appear as an image with your initials. This will result in an option menu that will offer various choices.

3. Click on the tab that says “Settings.” Alternatively, you can click on the “cog” icon right below your profile photo. This will bring up you to the Zoom setting window.

4. From the menus on the left-hand side of the window Click on “Profile.”

5. Then, click the button labeled “Change my subscription.” This will start your web browser, and it will automatically take you through your Zoom website. You will then be asked by Zoom to input you Zoom account username as well as password.

6. When you log into your account, you will be taken into your Billing part of the Zoom profile. In this section, you’ll find the Zoom plans that you are currently signed up to. Each plan will show information such as the billing period, the next invoice date, the amount as well as the current status of the plan.

7. To the right of the screen to the left, there’s the link that reads “Cancel Subscription.” Go to the link. This will open the pop-up window that gives you the option to reconsider. If you’re confident that you’re going to want to end Your Zoom subscription, simply click the button labeled “Cancel Subscription.”

How to Download Recorded Zoom Meetings

If you decide to cancel the premium Zoom subscription, you’ll continue to be able to access Zoom’s free application. If you decide to cancel the subscription you’ll be deprived of accessibility to premium functions we talked about in the past, including the capability of recording your meetings to capture your sessions.

If you have a premium subscription the recorded meetings are kept on Zoom’s servers. They are accessible for download or sharing anytime. After you cancel your premium account and delete the recordings, they are removed from Zoom servers. If you’d like to download any recordings it is recommended to do it before you end your account.

To download the recorded meetings Follow the steps above to open to your settings for your personal profile. On the left-hand right side of your screen, find the option labeled “Recordings” and click on it. On the next page, you will be able to view all of the recordings you’ve recorded. Under the thumbnail preview for every recording, you will be able to see options to download the recording. Click on it to download the recording onto your computer.

How to Download Your Zoom Invoices

If you’re using Zoom for business reasons and you were a business user, your Zoom subscription might be tax-deductible. It’s a breeze to download the previous Zoom invoices in the event you’re subject to audit and require to submit evidence.

To download past invoices Follow the steps above to sign in to your Zoom account. Zoom website.

  • On the left-hand side of the screen select “Account Management -> Billing.”
  • At on the right side of the screen, you can click on “Invoice History.”
  • This will display a list the invoices you have.
  • To download all your invoices in PDF format, just click the “Export All  “Export All” button. Or, if you just wish to download certain invoices, just click that checkbox beside the bill that you wish to download, and then click”Export Selected. “Export Selected” button.

How to Reactivate Your Zoom Subscription

If you’re looking to activate an expired Zoom subscription it is possible to do this by following the steps above to sign into the Zoom account. On the left-hand right side of your screen, go to “Account Management -> Billing..” On at the very top, select “Current Plans.” Here you’ll see the information for your account that you have canceled. To activate it again, hit “Reactivate Plan” and follow the directions.

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