FFXIV’s 5003 error has been causing problems for players trying to take the MMORPG for a spin since the Endwalker expansion was launched. Server congestion issues caused by the game’s popularity surge have led to long login queues and the complete and standard editions of the game being temporarily removed from sale.

Final Fantasy’s Error 503 is just one piece of the puzzle. It can cause subscribers to lose a lot of time while they wait to log in. Continue reading to find out more about the error 5003 and what it is, as well as how to fix it.

Login queues can take several hours before you are able to begin your adventure in Eorzea. FFXIV’s Error 5053 is particularly egregious because it kicks you from the queue if you wait too long.

This is a problem, as players cannot control how long they wait. Square Enix, the publisher, is aware of this issue and is working to fix it.

How do I fix FFXIV 5003 error Final Fantasy 14

How do I fix FFXIV 5003 error Final Fantasy 14

Many players are experiencing error 5003 when trying to connect to the FFXIV server. Each issue has a different cause but the solution is the same. It is important to be patient and wait for the network congestion to subside.

Square Enix has kindly offered seven days of game time as a courtesy apology for the server problems.

Yoshi-P explained why the errors occurred in a message to the players:


What Causes of FFXIV 5003 error in Final Fantasy 14

What Causes of FFXIV 5003 error in Final Fantasy 14

If a player’s connection timeouts due to waiting too long in the queue, they will get a lobby server error 5003 in Final Fantasy XIV.

Although developers believed they had timed the lobby server’s session to be sufficient, the queues are longer than expected. These errors must be corrected as soon as possible.

Square Enix will respond to your inquiries so patience is the best approach.

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