Best Tips to Write an Excellent Cover Letter for Job Applications

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While looking up job applications, you’re expected to reply with both an attached CV and cover letter, as these are two of your most personal tools that will help you stand out in the crowd. Both of these documents serve different purposes and their contents will change according to an applicant’s background and future career. While a graduate might type out something a bit more edgy, or even send out an application in video format, a more experienced job seeker will type in a keyword or a favored term hoping to get the company’s attention. When looking up ways on how to create a good cover letter template, it’s important that you find personal and engaging ways to help you get your foot on the door. 


Try to look at your cover letter as the bio on one of your social media accounts, a place where you can list out the types of jobs you’ve had as well as the type of position you’re hoping to get in the future. For any job seekers who are new to the game, the best way to get a sense of what to write would be to look up cover letters online and thus get a general idea of what a cover letter should look like. Generally speaking, all cover letters follow the same format. They start with a short personal introduction and end with a summary of the skills you possess that make you so perfect for the job. If you’re lucky enough to know someone who also works at the company you’re applying for, then it would be a good idea to mention them.

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There are types of referral cover letters which are also quite common and they usually help you establish a personal connection with your employer, something which is likely to give a solid advantage over the other applicants. By adding a cover letter to your application, you’re not only outlining your interest in the position, but you’re also highlighting the reasons why you would be the best applicant for the job. 


Cover letters are usually a more detailed overview of your cv and they can provide your prospective employer with a deeper insight into who you are. It’s always recommended that you write different cover letters for different applications. You might want to stick to the same format, but it’s important that you tweak your content, so as to make it more genuine. Once you let your personality shine on the page, you’re automatically guaranteed to make a much better first impression. Some employees will pass on a CV if it isn’t attached to a cover letter, as CVs are widely seen as being far less personalized and less creative. If you want your application to stand out from the thousands of other applications that have already been sent towards that same coveted position, then you’re expected to put in a little work on your application and send out the best cover letter that only you were able to write.

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