Best Laptops for Digital Artist for Beginners & Professional

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There are many people who prefer drawing on a tablet to a laptop, including digital art students, aspiring artists, and event professionals. This is because they prefer the feeling and satisfaction that they get from directly working with their hands on the screen. However, most professionals prefer the best laptop for drawing or laptop tablets with drawing pads. A growing number of laptops now come with a stylus pen that is a hit in the world of drawing enthusiasts, illustrators, painters, graphic designers, and animators. Software developers these days render out programs with such wonderful, user-friendly software that can be used on a laptop to draw with newer techniques and ideas much more easily.

If you are going to make digital art, it is important to know what type of device you will need. Regardless of the various software, you would be needing to work on your project, if the device doesn’t include support for a touch-sensitive pen or stylus, a touch screen laptop won’t get the job done.

As a digital art student or professional you must consider the following system requirements and features when choosing a drawing laptop in order to make an informed buying decision. The below-mentioned basic specifications which a drawing laptop must-have will help you to ensure that your device does not suffer from lag, heat issues, or more while displaying your digital drawing.

Specs and Features to look for in a Drawing Laptop

  • Display Requirement: You won’t need a high refresh rate laptop display, but get a high-resolution display and a laptop with an excellent color assortment. It is imperative that you realize that compromises on the display front will ultimately result in a disappointing digital art experience.

  • Digitizer Pen Support: If you do not plan to purchase a drawing tablet, then look for laptops that support a stylus or digitizer pen and make sure the stylus is sensitive to pressure and offers a good grip to secure it easily.

  • Graphics Card: One of the key features of a laptop designed for drawing is its graphics configuration. Your laptop’s color vividness and display sharpness must be above average in order to ensure that the impact of your artwork is well understood and witnessed.

  • Performance: Your laptops’ performance must outperform the above specs in order to make the most of them. In the midst of achieving your next best artwork, you don’t want an interruption caused due to processing lag. Choosing a high processor is essential for experiencing lag-free performance when running Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs.

  • Screen size: A decent size screen is a significant aspect an artist must not compromise on while choosing their drawing laptop. You will be better able to recognize nuanced artwork when the screen size is larger such as a 15-inch or 17-inch display. A laptop with a display of at least 13 inches or larger might be ideal for drawing programs. Nevertheless, ensure your display supports Full HD resolution for better output.

  • Operating System: An artist’s laptop should have a good operating system. For artists who’d rather focus on their artistic output, a user-friendly operating system is the best choice. It is undeniable that Windows 10 (the full suite) is native to various workstations but with macOS, aside from giving you interesting resolution options, it can also provide you with impressive color crispness.

  • Network Adaptability: Wireless LAN and Bluetooth v4.0 yield decent connectivity, and most new workstations should accommodate them without issue. This will simplify the process of sharing, uploading, and receiving data for your project easily, saving you time and money.

Artists will most likely prefer laptops with convertible screens, powerful graphics processors, fast RAM, excellent displays, and long battery life when it comes to choosing the best laptop for photo editing and digitizing drawings.

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