It was apparent that the system was getting progressively slower It can take up to a minute before it is able to load a web browser, like. I started Task Manager to see if it was working and discovered the memory consumption was at 100% and the majority of it is being used into account by WaasMedic AgentExe.

What is WaasMedic Agent Exe and why does it take such a large amount of memory?

How to Solve Waasmedic Agent EXE High CPU Issue

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WaasMedic is also known as WaasMedic Agent Exe which is that of the Windows Update Medic service.

WaasMedic makes up Windows 10, which is the Windows 10 operating system.

The purpose behind it is to make sure it is that the Windows upgrade process remains seamless and uninterrupted to ensure that users are able to get the latest updates without any issues.


Delete the use of all Antivirus Applications Temporarily

Delete the use of all Antivirus Applications Temporarily

Incompatibility and conflicts with antivirus software on your PC are two of the causes for the WaasMedic.exe problem with high CPU. Your computer is scrutinized by every antivirus program and antivirus software. It tries to prevent any suspicious action.

In its role as one of the security software, Avast was reported that it was awash with false positives as well as a disruption of access to your account.

You can disable or uninstall your antivirus temporarily, read this post to get the methods – Multiple Ways to Disable Avast for PC and Mac Temporarily/Completely. After that, restart your computer switching off and check if you can have access to your account without issues.

Use Disk Cleanup Function

Use Disk Cleanup Function

In some instances, it could result from a lack of capacity on the hard disk. So we recommend using Disk Cleanup to get rid of temp files that are not needed:

  • Search for Disk Cleanup in Windows search and hit Enter.
  • Select your primary drive (C C: by default)
  • Choose Temp file from the list by clicking the checkboxes, and then click Clean up the system files.
  • When the pop-up appears, the next time up, choose C: go back to the beginning
  • Select the files that you want to delete, and click OK.


Disable WaasMedic.exe Temporarily

How to Solve Waasmedic Agent EXE High CPU Issue

Before you do this, back up to your settings in the Registry. Although we do not suggest this helpful system Service If none of these fixes have worked for you You should turn off WaasMedic.exe temporarily. This will stop all processes that are related to WaasMedic.exe and will make your computer more efficient.

You can deactivate Windows Update Medic Service, however, if you attempt to do this using Windows Services Manager, you will receive the Access is Denied message.

To deactivate it You will need to utilize an editor for registry.

  • HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WaaSMedicSvc

Visit the above address using the registry editor. Change to set the Start DWORD file to 4, then change the permissions of the ket to SYSTEM deny.

We do not suggest doing manually because it could compromise your system. The best option is to make use of the freeware known as Windows Update Blocker.

Switch On DEP to fix Agent.exe

Switch On DEP to fix Agent.exe

If you are suffering from Malware or any other type of virus, it could result in agent.exe the use of your disks to the max.

Thus switching off DEP(Data Execution Prevention) can protect you from dangers and viruses.

Here’s How you Change the ON/OFF Status of DEP:

  • Simply click on the Search icon, which is below the Taskbar.
  • Type Modify Windows’ appearance, performance, and look Windows
  • Click Open and launch. Adjust to the look and speed of Windows Agent.exe large disk usage
  • Within the Performance Options window go to Data Execution Prevention.
  • Press the Radio button beside the DEP option for all services and programs apart from the ones I select.
  • Then, click Add and type in WaasMedic.exe.
  • Click on Open then it’ll be added to the security by DEP.DEP WaasMedic Agent.exe large utilization of the disk.
  • Click Apply and then OK to save the changes.
  • After restarting your PC , you can check to see if WaasMedic Agent.exe’s excessive disk usage is gone.


Use Windows Update Blocker to Disable WaasMedic Agent.exe (Try This at Your Own Risk)

Disable WaasMedic.exe Temporarily

The simplest thing that you could do in order to correct your agent.exe error is to install third-party software since you may be able to detect errors while deactivating WaasMedic.exe manually, which is not always the case.

It’s a Windows service, turning it off could stop certain applications from running.

Here’s how to disable WaasMedic Agent.exe with the help of the Windows update blocker for Windows 11:

  • Install Windows Update Blocker from a trustworthy site.
  • Unzip the zip file and then launch Wub_x64.exe.
  • Now click on Menu and then select Windows Services.WaasMedic.exe windows service
  • The next step is to check at Windows Update Medic Service and double-click on it.WaasMedic Agent.exe high use of disk space Windows Update Medic Service
  • Copy the name of the Service and then open Windows Update Blocker. Windows Update Blocker directory.
  • Start the ini file and copy the service’s name in dosvc=2,4 then put =3,4 the middle of it.WaasMedic Agent.exe High disk usage Windows Update Medic Service
  • Once again, launch your Windows Update Blocker and hit the Apply button.
  • After deactivating WaasMedic Agent.exe the high use of disks will be reduced.
  • And if in the future, you want to allow the service, launch Windows Update Blocker and select Enable.



Stop Windows updates until 35 days

If you stop Windows update settings, you will be able to resolve WaasMedic by resetting the settings. WaasMedic issue. It’s quite simple to accomplish this task.

Step 1: From the Windows Start menu, choose Settings > Update and Security.

Step 2: In the appearing window, scroll down the right side until you can see options for Advanced choices below.

Step 3: This feature allows you to turn off Windows 10 updates for 35 days or more. Be aware that once this setting has reached its expiry date, the PC will require the most current update prior to being suspended once more.



This is why these are the most efficient solutions we can offer you in fixing the issue with WaasMedic Agent.exe excessive use of disks on Windows 11 and

I hope that you’ll take a look at them individually since they’re all easy to test. You also know that when agent.exe consumes the most the memory on your disk, then the performance of your CPU will become way too low. And if it becomes low, you’ll be unable to do a variety of tasks as well.

If you have any concerns or require suggestions for improvement, please contact us via the comments section.


Is it secure to disable this feature? WaasMedic Agent.exe?

I don’t suggest you remove the WaasMedic Agent.exe because it will not be secure as it is a part of your Windows OS relies on it to transfer information and detects threats, so in the event that you disable it, the updates could be corrupted.

Is 100 disk usage bad?

The Disk you use at 100 percent could slow down the speed of performance on your computer and slow down the performance of your PC.

Do I require WaasMedic Agent.exe?

You need WaasMedic Agent.exe to ensure smooth updates as well as to get rid of malware, corrupted files, and updates.