Vivo V11 Pro Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Hidden Features

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Recently Vivo launches his new smartphone: Vivo V11 Pro with amazing features and with a beautiful design. The great thing about this device is that it has too many hidden features and tips and tricks. Today we will show all the amazing and Hidden features of VIVO V11 PRO.

1) How to Secure your device from Virus and Temporary Junk:

Mostly peoples are facing that people in the android phone because the operating system creates a junk file when system process an application but system doesn’t delete it, Junk files increase our size day by day if we are not deleting it.

Other bigger problem on the internet is VIRUS, the Internet is fulfilling with dangerous viruses, If that virus entered in your device it will do dangerous things for Example: Delete your important data and cracked all important application. So what we can do, Don’t worry. Do this simple steps:

How to Do: Go to all Apps >> Click I Manager >> After opening the I Manager app >>  Click on Virus Scan and You can also delete deep Stored JUNK file.

2) How to Duplicate Photos in One Click:

In the Modern time, we can capture too many photos in similar poses and we will also share its different social media’s and that image also stored in our phone memory and sometimes we are received same photos on WhatsApp different-different groups. If we will delete the pictures one by one to take too much time and it’s very hard work. Do this simple process for delete all similar photos.

How to Do:  Go to all Apps >> Click I Manager >> After opening the I Manager app >>  Scroll Down the option >> Click Similar Photo >> Inside this folder system will show you all Similar photos which is stored in your phone >> System automatically side your best photo.

3) How to Hide and Show Your Navigation Keys: Customize Navigation Keys

Vivo V11 Pro bigger amazing display but navigation fixed on screen doesn’t look nice. we will show you how to customize your smartphone Navigation keys. It increases your smartphone screen personality.

How to Do: Go to Settings >> System Navigation >> Click on last option >> Order and Style of Navigation Keys >> Setup it according to your needs OR you can choose the system create Navigation keys.

How to Change Navigation Keys into iPhone 10 like navigation keys:  Go to Settings >> System Navigation >> Click on Gestures Navigation Keys >> After you choose Gesture Navigation keys >> System automatically hide your navigation keys.

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4) How to Use Vivo New Feature: JOVI

This feature is basically vivo Artifical Intellence software, This feature has three amazing features :

  1. Smart Camera.
  2. Smart Scene
  3. Game Mode

Smart Camer: In the Front camera has smart face beauty mode, Turn on the smart face beauty switch and vivo Smart Camera will use AI technology to analyze your skin type, skin tone, gender age and previous preferences t0 apply the perfect face beauty effect.

Smart Scene: Scenario classification: After enabling the Smart Scene, an information aggregation card will be generated intelligently, which will send you a timely notification to remind you to take rests. It will also provide you with weather warnings, step counting and sports event news.

Game  Mode: This feature basically do not distrub mode while gaming the gaming, If you will received WhatsApp notification while playing the game, the system will provide you a pop-up notification and same on calling process.

5)  Security Feature in V11 Pro: Motor Bike Mode:

Motor Bike Mode is security feature while you are on Bike. The Feature auto answering the calls and social media notification.

Auto-Reject Mode: If you are Riding your Bike, someone calls you it’s auto-rejected the call and send the message to the person.

Mute Notification: If you are Riding your Bike, someone message you on social media apps, System automatically mute you social media notification.

6)  How to Hide/ Secure your Private Data in Vivo V11 Pro:

This feature very useful if you want to secure your private data, a Great thing of this feature is that you can secure it with your fingerprint. You can easily Secure: Pictures, Videos, Apps, Documents, Apk’s and other more your private data.

How to Enable this Feature:  Go to Settings >> Security & Privacy >> File Safe Box >> Login or Enable it >> Add Your Data which you want to be safe from other.

How to See File Safe Data: Go to File Manager >> Scroll Down >> You will see the option >> File Safe >> Clcik on it >> Enter your security lock option.

7) How to Enable Multi-Window in V11 Pro:

I love this feature because i love to watching on youtube while chatting with my friends. You can easily operation multiple operating on one screen.
Step 1: Go to settings >> at last one split window option >> If the option is turn off, Enable it.
Step 2:
Open your video option >> After open video option: Swipe three features UP TO DOWN >> split window automatically enabled.
But this features works on specific features like (Videos,WhatsApp).

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8)  How to Enable Assistive Touch (Shortcut Icon Ball) :

If you like the Assistive touch feature of iPhone, This setting is for you.
Go to Settings >> Click on Accessibility >> Enable the Assistive touch.

9) How to Setup Notification Snooze:

Notification Snooze: Wao! This feature is very helpfull for everyone because sometime we are forget about the important notification reply.
How to Setup Snooze of Notification:
When you are getting any notification >> Swipe down you notification toggle >> Just Left to Right swipe that notification >> When Swipe it, you will be seen the CLOCK >> Just CLick on Clock icon >> Your Snooze is set >> After sometime system remember you for important notification.

10) How to Create Clone of Whatsapp and Facebook:

Mostly peoples are using multiple Whatsapp and Facebook accounts but if we are using 3rd party application for the second WhatsApp it will create trouble because 3rd party application shows Apps on it. We will show you how to create multiple WhatsApp application in your phone without using a 3rd party app.

How to Use: Go to Settings >> Scroll down >> Clcik on Apps Clone >> Enable the Whatsapp and Facebook >> After enabling it >> Go to  Main Screen >> You will seen the second Whatsapp Icon >> Enter the number and enjoy.


How to Fix Vivo V11 Pro: Full Solution: CLICK HERE

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