Tricks to choose the ideal Girdle: It is undeniable, we all like to always look beautiful and with a silhouette of envy, being able to choose a girdle that shapes or reduces us represents something essential, to show a perfect body without noticing the extra rolls. Today we teach you the best tricks to choose the ideal girdle and have a phenomenal result on any special occasion or important event. The use of the girdles will help you to remove any imperfection or fat in the body. The fundamental thing you should know about this garment is that it represents a new version of the corset, but with the advantage of being simpler and more comfortable to wear every day. Become an expert in girdles so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and desires, taking into consideration the tricks that we have selected for you below.

You Must Know What you are Looking for from a Girdle

It is very useful that, when you start looking in stores specialized in girdles, have a clear idea of ​​what you are looking for, otherwise you will end up acquiring a product that does not suit your needs. Find a girdle that fits perfectly to your body, that is comfortable and does not form in the lower or upper area unwelcome lumps. By buying online, you will have more choices. Buy at reputable online stores like Feelingirldress. There are many reasons why choose Feelingirldress.

Tricks to Choose the Ideal Girdle

Decide on a non-rigid or rigid girdle

Tricks to Choose the Ideal Girdle

If you choose a more rigid girdle, you should know that this class of girdles have inside a filling with metal or plastic rods very similar to a classic corset. The temples give your body a more defined silhouette in the abdomen and waist area, although they are a bit uncomfortable to use. The less rigid girdle will give you more freedom of movement.

Tricks to Choose the Ideal Girdle

Natural color, white or black

We cannot ignore another trick to choose the ideal girdle: the appropriate color. In general, the girdles can be found in basic colors such as white, natural or black. In case of wearing a transparent garment, consider the tone of your girdle to avoid being transparent.


You need to focus on the firmness you want from the girdle. You can differentiate when looking for a girdle, which in the box put the type of firmness it has, they can be quite firm, soft, normal or too firm. The firmer the girdle the effect will be the most appropriate, but it will be tighter.

Consider the price

When we want to show off a slim figure without imperfections, we must be willing to pay the price of a girdle of excellent quality; since the girdles according to the price can have worse or better quality. It is a trick that should not be missed, a good ideal girdle can be found in underwear stores such as Feelingirldress.

Know the most common girdles

You can find the shapewear girdles in boxer type girdles, body type, thigh girdle, T-shirt girdle, waist girdle and dress type girdles. One of the favorites for most women is the boxer girdle because it helps to mark your waist or control the abdominal area and because it is ideal for looks that include pants or empire-cut dresses. With the body girdle you can improve even your posture by forgetting about the rolls on the sides, but if you have a little cellulite on your legs and you want to wear a tight dress, your salvation is the thigh girdle.

Create a defined waist using a waistband, it is the ideal girdle for garments with a V-neckline and asymmetric cuts. If you are plumper, the dress sash will help you keep everything in place, it is perfect for dresses with straight cuts. A wholesale waist trainer is one of the recommended solutions.

Girdle coverage

It is essential that we can look at the type of coverage. If the one you are looking for needs to have coverage in different areas, the search may be a bit complicated. It is easier to find a girdle for a specific area, such as: girdle for the abdomen, thighs and butt. For your info, Feelingirldress provides high quality wholesale body shapers that can coverage most areas of your body.

We hope you can get benefits from reading this article. Thank you for reading!