Top Construction Project Management Software for your Needs

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Top Construction Project Management Software: Your construction project is still far from completion. You are running out of time and money. Accounting, scheduling and the workload is driving you crazy. But you still aren’t sure whether online assistance would do you any favors?

Leave those apprehensions aside. Technology is now married to real estate and both are enjoying a healthy bond. There are ample reasons you should start using them today. Read on to know more about the top construction project management software for your needs.


Procore is the first RFI (request for information) solution and is responsible for taking care of the entire lifecycle of an RFI. The user can administer thousands of licenses with the help of its admin console as the data is saved to the cloud of the mobile construction project management software. This ensures that you don’t lose your data even if you lose your device.

The developing team works closely with the users to create functional features. The engineering team of Procore is well versed in its work. The easy to use software helps in widespread adoption, quick implementation and more return on investment. The customer support is the best in the business.


PlanGrid is one of the top construction project management software available for undertaking construction management. It offers ample opportunities to collaborate on specs, project plans, RFIs, photos, and punch lists using either a mobile device or the desktop. More than 400,000 projects are using the software and stores more than 30 million pages of the digital blueprint.

The mobile construction project management software is a sheet-based construction app to help prevent the cost and schedule from overrunning. It helps in saving time wasted over manual data entry. Just punch list to capture locations, photos, and notes and share it with the rest of the team over the cloud.


Projectmates is basic construction project management software. The intuitive design is responsible for automating construction processes, reducing construction and facilitating collaboration. More than 55000 users are using the construction software.

Projectmates improves communication, save both time and money and increase accountability. The user can manage a full lifecycle of a building, beginning from planning to bidding and from building to maintaining. It has archiving and backup feature which is far better than the standard backups. The Global dashboard helps in watching huge amounts of data in a graphical form while providing real-time snapshots for managing the project faster and better.

Builder TREND

Builder TRENDis one of the top 5 construction project management software used mainly by residential professionals such as specialty contractors, custom builders and remodelers. The cloud-based solution empowers them to pick up more projects. This reduces errors and speeds up the project boosting customer satisfaction.

The web-based construction management software takes care of financial management and thus helps in processing and scheduling the payment requests, manage purchase orders and job costs. The software solution is well integrated to all the tools required to cover each stage of the building lifecycle. It has tools required to manage and take on more opportunities. The lead management tools help in building and monitoring leads to convert them into projects.


ShapeDo is mobile construction project management software to assist the construction companies, architects and engineers manage changes in their designs. The online solution is designed to help review drawing alterations and provide visual communication tools to lead the projects and reduce errors.

Users can generate orders, compare and organize drawings and revisions and then convey the problems to other team members and stakeholders visually. The software solution integrates an automated user interface, cloud availability and fast view making the whole app flexible and accessible. Each correspondence and communication is tracked and documented.

Summing up

You can select any of the top 5 mobile and web based construction management software mentioned above. Every online solution has varied features and functionalities. So, do ensure they meet your needs.

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