TOP 5 FREE APPS To Travel With Friends And Share Budget

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Traveling with friends can be challenging but often very pleasant. If you try to refresh in your memory your best epic vacation, it will be a trip with your friends, for sure. Also, this is the best way of traveling for budget tourists. Let’s see. The price for hiring a car somewhere in Miami may costs about $30 per day. And now, divide this daily price for 2 or 3 people. The more friends you take with you the cheaper your trip will be. Don’t forget about fees! Renting a car in Miami under 25 charges you with a young-drivers fee. Share this price between your friends and your trip becomes even cheaper than you thought and planned.
TOP 5 FREE APPS To Travel With Friends And Share Budget!

So, if you have a short amount of time and money, you can try to take one of these budget trip ideas and travel even alone for your low budget.
• Travel Locally
Being a local tourist can bring you much joy and relaxation. Whenever you live, there must be a place you can visit and see for free or low cost. As a rule, people who live in a big touristic city had never seen local attractions.
• Travel Regionally
Of course, exotic destinations are very popular for traveling. But if you are limited in budget, you can try to take a car for weekend and drive it around your city. Driving across your country or state teaches you a lot. It breaks down stereotypes and helps to understand the people of your own country.
TOP 5 FREE APPS To Travel With Friends And Share Budget!


Traveling in a group usually takes more time and needs many preparations. Try to download a couple of useful apps, created special for group travelers. They are good for iOS and Android and help you to plan the trip, count your budget, share money between people.

App 1 : Kayak Trip

Kayak can boast a new tool for group travelers. What is the sense of it? It’s very easy and a bit exiting. You pick the destination for your trip and can make your friends to vote. Every member of your group can vote for the travel location and the best date. Also, the application offers to review some hotels and other rentals on the picked location you can choose from. Again, you can choose by voting and everyone’s opinion is considered.

App 2: Luna Moons

If you are not sure where to go, go to Luna. This app will help you to make a fast and right decision about traveling. Traditionally, you can make your friends vote for or against your proposal. This is the best application for planning! Simply, you create a travel plan and your friends can make changes and share their ideas just in your plan. You can edit and finally get a travel plan that everyone likes. Have doubts about hotels or local restaurants? Luna app gives suggestions for popular hotels and attractions you are recommended to visit. You can select one of given options or change something on your taste. Also, you can find information about hot prices and interesting hotel proposals, big sales for the company.
TOP 5 FREE APPS To Travel With Friends And Share Budget!

App 3: Tab

This simple app can be very helpful in the restaurant or museum or any other public place when you have to count and share the total price for all travelers. It becomes even more difficult when everyone ordered different foods. How does it work? You take a photo of your restaurant check and give your friends an opportunity to write what they have ordered from the menu. Voila! The application helps you to count and visiting restaurants in a group will never be easier!

App 4: Roadtrippers

As you can see from the name, the app is specially designed for road travelers. First of all, the app can help you to find the best route for your trip. Mark the places you want to stop at. You can check if there are any attractions. The mobile helper suggests you where to stops and what places to see nearby. Also, the app can count the hours you have to spend driving according to the chosen route. Let your friends help you and share driving! The application is good for family vacations and for group travelers.
TOP 5 FREE APPS To Travel With Friends And Share Budget!

App 5: Splitwise


This is one more useful app that can help you in calculating your trip budget. Sometimes, you have no time to count the costs when traveling. So, you are going to decide who owns what at the end of the trip. Can you remember everyone’s spending? You can use Splitwise and take a photo of every check, bill or recipe. You can log it and split the costs.
Group traveling can be very inspiring. There is nothing more enjoyable to take a trip in a company of your best friends. Planning a trip budget is that bad apple that usually spoils the whole barrel. Don’t worry! There are many mobile apps you can use for sharing budget!

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