Tips and Tricks to Recover Lost Photos in SD Card | Corrupted SD card Recovery

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Tips-Tricks to Recover Lost Photos SD Card, Corrupted SD card Recovery| how to format corrupted sd card | How to recover delete photos | Repair Damaged Card – Short Description of the Article

There is a case that you don’t realize or know the reason why some photos and files in your gadgets are gone. You don’t even delete them because you need those photos and files. So, what happens with those documents? Let’s talk about how can photos and files lost from your gadgets and how to recover deleted photos.


Photos Corruption

One of the reasons why those photos or data are gone it might be because of photos corruption. The cause of photos corruption is various including ejecting the SD card in unproperly ways. A digital camera is using a separated SD card.

You have to make a little pressure anytime you want to insert or eject the SD card. Indeed, you must do it carefully to prevent auto ejection.

Moreover, you have to bring or the digital camera carefully it because the wrong movements can force the SD card to the auto ejection. This is the reason why some of your photos are lost. Those photos are corrupt!


SD Card Corruption

The worse part is that if you can’t open the SD card whereas all the photos are there and you don’t have any backup of them. There is a big possibility that the SD card is corrupt.

There are several causes of SD card corruption such as improper ejection, the force pulls out, and auto unmount. It might happen when you are inserting or pulling out the SD card, especially when you are making a little pressure on it.

Any kind of forcing pressure may cause serious damage including SD card corruption. As the result, you are unable to open the card and it means you lost all the photos there.


Infected by Virus or Malware

The reason why you can’t find your important photos is also that the SD card is attacked by a specific virus or malware.


The virus or malware can be transferred when you move the photos to the computer and you don’t know that there is a virus on it.

In a few minutes, the virus or malware is infected the SD card. One of the dangerous effects is that you can’t open your photos anymore. That’s why you have to make sure that the computer is free from virus or malware before inserting the SD card.


Watered or Heated SD Card

It is also important to take care of the SD card. You have to keep the SD card from the condition which triggers damage.

For example, just keep away the SD card from water in case that you are using your digital camera in the rainy season or close to watery areas. Water can make your SD card corrupt and it is impossible for the device to read the data inside the card.

It is the same with the hot temperature. Just remember that SD card is a tiny and sensitive item although you can use to store photos. Placing the SD card unproperly can cause file corruption and it means you lost the photos.


The Way to Recover Corrupt Photos from SD Card

So, what do you have to do to get the photos or file from the SD card back? Is it possible to restore photos from a corrupt SD card?

Fortunately, you can get those photos back! The thing you have to do is restoring the photos by using data recovery software.

The software is able to get back the lost photos from SD card in case that it is infected by virus or malware, system crash, formatting, and many more. You just need to connect the SD card to the computer or PC. By the time the computer detects the SD card, you can start to run the software. Just make sure that you are downloading the best data recovery software for a maximal result.

Then, follow the instructions carefully so you can get the lost photos back safely and completely. Commonly, you have to select the external devices recovery feature because you are about to restore SD card.

There will be the next instruction to select the location of the files you want to restore. Just find the disk where you insert the SD card in the computer. When it is ready, you just have to click the scan button and let the software works for a few minutes.

During the scanning process, you will see the lost photos one by one. Don’t do anything until the scanning done. When it is done, check the list of the photos and make sure that the photos you need are there.

If it is not, you may use a deep scanning feature if the software has it. The last thing to do is selecting the photos you want to restore and click the recover button. That’s it! You get your photos back!


Summary: There are several reasons why you can lose the photos in the SD card. This article explains to you the reasons and the way to handle it.

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