The CCBA® stands for Certified Competency in Business Analysis. The certification is the gold standard invalidating your Business Analysis skills and experience.

CCBA Certification training prepares you to pass your exam and obtain the certification.

By taking this training you will also receive the mandatory 21 hours of Professional Development needed for the CCBA exam.

The dos and don’ts of preparing for the CCBA® need to be familiar to those who are planning on taking the exams. Here are the tips for clearing the CCBA® Certification Exam.

Check Out The IIBA® Website

To start the certification process, you must visit the IIBA® website, as it has all the information you need, especially if you don’t have any idea where to begin – this includes requirements needed for the exam and how to apply.

Review the BABOK. The guide is a comprehensive one that is generally accepted and used by most BAs.

Similarly, the BABOK® heavily influences the CCBA® certification exam, which is why studying it is advisable.

You may also use this as a valuable job reference in addition to helping you prepare for the CCBA® exam.

How CCBA Certification Exams Are Structured

In general, the CCBA® exam is based on BABOK®, and there are several key categories.

The knowledge areas have different bearings, so it is important to concentrate primarily on those categories where more questions would be asked.

As a result, here’s the breakdown:

Requirements Analysis 18% KA; 23 Questions
Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring 18% KA; 26 Questions
Solution Assessment and Validation 15.33%; 25 Questions
Enterprise Analysis 14% KA; 24 Questions
Requirements Management and Communication 15.33% KA; 24 Questions
Underlying Competencies 4% KA; 6 Questions
Elicitation 12% KA; 17 Questions

In contrast to the other knowledge areas, Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring and Requirements Analysis appear more important than the others. It is important to pay attention to these topics during your preparation.

 An Individual Study For Exam

Individual approaches might be a better fit for those who dislike being a part of a group or who have difficulty managing their time to attend those prep classes.

It is highly likely that you will still need to spend some time studying independently in the evening even if you are part of a study group or enrolled in a prep class.

During your time reading the BABOK, try creating your own study outline.

Considering this would help you come up with strategies on how to memorize and understand key terms effectively.

Take In The BABOK

By simply reading the BABOK®, some people are able to easily pass the exam.

But not all are able to apply for certification without a foolproof plan. You may need to study for an additional course to reinforce important concepts.

The three primary methods are:

  • Classes
  • Study Groups
  • Individual Study

Take Advantage Of Online Flashcards For Exam

You can visit the Flashcard exchange website to access a list of 1000 BABOK® related questions.

You can also find other useful tips and techniques on the site as you explore it further. These tips will help you recall the various sections of the BABOK® easily.

Practice Exams For The CCBA

The best way to pass your CCBA® exam is to practice as much as possible.

Use KnowledgeHut learning and other websites that provide online study materials to help you.

Thousands of questions on these learning sites are similar to the CCBA® and CBAP® exams.

It is questions like these that will help you identify which parts of the BABOK® you need to focus on. In addition, users can choose between a mini and full exam on this website.

CCBA Exam Prep Classes

You may be able to prepare yourself for studying by attending a preparation class.

In this manner, you could pick up tips from the instructor and other students, who you could stay in touch with after class ends.

We could also discuss forming a study group in the preceding paragraph, depending on your preference.

Group Study For Exam

A lot of people can be motivated to study with the help of group studies. It could be an enjoyable experience for participants.

In addition to that, some participants exchange ideas, teach one another, and brainstorm.

All of these provide great opportunities for learning.

Additionally, you might find it beneficial to form a study group with the use of flashcards of concepts and key terms and supporting each other with a partner is an excellent way to stay motivated.

Finalize Your Preparations

Regardless of what method you choose, you should spend the last few days of preparation working on those areas you struggle with, or those that need improvement.

Your final preparation time could be focused on the techniques, tasks, and knowledge areas that seem quite challenging to you if you pay considerable attention to this aspect.

If you think you have understood everything, make sure to go back and read the BABOK® several times, even if it seems you are familiar with it.

Finally, the night before you take your CCBA exam, make sure you get plenty of sleep. The mind is much better at its best when it is relaxed and well-rested than it is when it is cramming.

A Word of Final Thought

CCBA® certification preparation is very likely to involve a lot of time.

As a result, don’t be surprised if the online application process takes you more than eight hours to complete.

Similarly, you should memorize as much as you can about the BABOK® and, if you can, read it several times before the exam.

To pass the CCBA® certification exam, you do not need to purchase any additional resources. Just follow the above tips and you are good to go.