Simply put, smartwatches are the new cool, and it is time for you to own one. If you were to go out right now, you would notice how common these have become. But you must wonder, what is the point of having a smartwatch when we already have our smartphones. With the new technology advancement and availability of smartwatches such as the Huawei Fitbit, you can have not only some of the features available on your phone but even more in addition. Following are some of the many reasons to own a smartwatch. 

Fashionable and Trendy

fitbit-charge-2-straps -colours

Your smartwatch can add style to any of your outfits may it be formal or casual wear. You can notice people wearing one while in their tracksuits out for a run or some wearing it to family dinners.

You may also be able to switch the straps of your smartwatch to the one that suits best with your outfit. Thanks to their lightweight design and comfortable straps, they are fashionable and easy to carry, including colorful soft straps and stainless steel fluor elastomer straps.

In addition, they do not require high maintenance and are easy to use. If you are using a smartwatch for the first time, do not worry, as the advanced functions and options on the watch may seem intimidating at first sight, but they are, in fact, easy to use and require a few clicks to assist you. 

Works Towards Your Well-Being 

samsung gear s3 classic heart tracker-fitness tracker

Smartwatches best act as a fitness tracker with all-day activity tracking, oxygen saturation detection, and more features. You can monitor your heart rate, calories, and time spent exercising!

In addition, some smartwatches like the Huawei watch fit provide an animated personal trainer, which enables you to access different workout courses, experiencing free one on one personal training sessions anywhere and anytime.

The animations further show you the correct and exact positions you should be doing while exercising and show the amount of time you should be holding that position. A complete guide within a smartwatch! 

Even Has A Sleep Tracker  

Best Ways to Sleep Better at Night

You may have heard a lot about how smartwatches track your heart rate and oxygen saturation, but did you know that smartwatches can even track your sleep through motion recognition and sleep algorithms?

In addition, monitoring your sleep can further enable it to analyze your sleep quality.  

Power Efficiency 

Best Ways to Sleep Better at Night

Most smartwatches tend to be power-efficient, an example of this being the Huawei Fitbit which has a ten-day-long battery life and can get you through a whole day with just a five-minute charge up.

So, you would not need to worry about charging your watch now and then. 


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Your smartwatch provides you with notifications that you can easily and quickly check on your watch. Thus, you never have to miss any important message.

Furthermore, some of them even provide you reminders to stand up if you have been seated for a long while. Even they keep track of your menstruation cycles and give out reminders regarding those according to your records. 

Just a tiny watch wrapped around your wrist updates you with all your important messages, reminders, weather reports, and monitors your health and well-being.

Your smartwatch acts as your very own personal assistant. Thus, this is a sign for you to get your hands on your very own smartwatch!