How to Fix The Referenced Account is Currently Locked Error

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The Referenced Account is Currently Locked: Windows has always allowed users to create different accounts on their devices for the purpose of separating the personal data they keep. Certain actions will still impact the entire user base, like the installation of a new application or changing certain settings in the Control Panel or the Settings application.

There are administrator and regular accounts. Regular accounts cannot be capable of changing particular settings, or installing software without the administrator’s permission or password. it is to block others from gaining access to certain items on computers that are shared by several individuals. There are some issues that could arise due to this account’s settings, and we’ll look them up.


The Referenced Account is Currently locked Error

This error typically appears after the user enters the wrong password more than the number of times it’s permitted. There’s a specific option that you can alter to set the number of users who are permitted to enter their password wrongly prior to their account being blocked.


What is the Best Way to Fix the Referenced Account Is Currently locked Error  in Windows


Method 1. To Unlock the Account, Use Your Local Administrator Account

If your PC does not belong to an existing domain(otherwise go to the next method) then follow these steps:

1. Enable the local Administrator account offline by complying with the directions in this guide.
2. Log in to your workstation using the Administrator account for your local workstation.
3. Open the Local Security Policy editor. (secpol.msc)

4. Navigate to Security Settings > Account Settings > Account Lockout Policy
5. Open the account lockout threshold policy Set the threshold to the value 0(zero) and then click “OK”.

6. Restart the computer and then log into the secured account.

Method 2. Lock the Account that is Referenced on the Domain Controller

On AD Domain computers and due to security reasons and security reasons, it is possible that the default Domain Policy may prevent any person from signing in to the domain if their password is frequently incorrectly typed.

Therefore, if a computer has been joined to an AD Domain, then proceed to unblock the account that is referenced in the domain controller: Controller:

1. Domain Server got to Active Directory Users and Computers > Users
2. Right-click the user locked and then select Properties.
3. In the Account tab, click the Unlock Account checkbox, then click OK.

Method 3. Change or Disable the Account Lockout Policy

To remove or modify your Account Lockout Policy on your Server or on your Windows PC, do so in the following manner:

1. Within the Domain Controller, open the Server Manager and then from the Tools menu, choose Group Policy Management.

NOTE: If you are using Standalone Servers and Workstations start the Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc)

2. In Group Policy Management editor make a right-click on the default domain policy and select edit.

Be aware that for standalone servers or Workstations go to the next section.

3. At Group Policy Editor, go to:

  • PC Configuration SettingsWindows SettingsSecurity SettingsAccount Policies > Account Lockout Security.

4. Open the Limit of Account Lockout the policy.

5. If you are at the account lockout threshold properties Apply one of the following based on your preference:

A. Uncheck the define this setting checkbox, then select OKif you wish to stop accounts from being shut down for incorrectly entering passwords and…

B. Increase the number of failed attempts at logon and then click “OK.

6. Click OK again at ‘Suggested Value Changes‘.

7. Close the Group Policy Editor.

8. Finally, open Command Prompt in Administrator mode and then issue this command to update the group’s policy, or start the system.

  • Gpupdate/force

That’s it! Tell me whether this guide was helpful to you, by leaving a note regarding your experiences. Share this information to aid other people.

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