QR codes are easy to make.

They are a convenient tool that can easily redirect an individual to an embedded website or content. 


A simple scan can immediately lead to content being shared by the creator, so distributing valuable information is easily attainable with the use of QR codes. 


It can also be created for contacting purposes such as SMS, Email, and VCards (virtual business cards), which are actively offered by Beaconstac– the possibilities are endless! 


Static QR codes are highly advisable to be used for personal purposes. But if you’re looking for a variant that can provide more options when it comes to utilizing it, then a dynamic QR code is the answer. 


But with a plethora of different websites offering this tool, it can be confusing which one to choose. So we narrowed down the top 3 best dynamic QR code generators that you can utilize to create your own. 


The thing about Beaconstac is that it is very easy to use. No fuss– just concise results from easy steps. 


The website itself is very user-friendly and will surely not overwhelm even first-time users. 


Beaconstac is well-loved by many because it provides easy solutions in the form of dynamic QR codes for every business campaign. 


And although to fully make use of every feature the Dynamic QR code has to offer, you will have to purchase the paid version of the generator, Beaconstac has a special offer of a 14-day trial to get a feel of what you can get when you commit to its premium offer. 


They have packages ranging from $5 for 3 dynamic QR codes for a single user to $99 for 500 dynamic QR codes that can be used for up to 500,000 scans. 


There is also an option for custom pricing, and it is available upon consultation. 


QR Code Generator 

It is another well-loved generator due to its uncomplicated website. It is easy to navigate and create a QR code with this generator. 


Like Beaconstac, it also offers customization when you create a QR code, making the experience even more personal to the user. 


Its price range starts from $5 for 2 dynamic QR codes and $37.50 for 250 dynamic codes, which are highly recommended for business owners. It also offers the option to customize the package. 

QR Stuff 

If you’re an owner of a small business or brand, then QR Stuff is your best option. 


It allows you to sample using a QR code to help your business grow more potential customers. 


You can easily create a dynamic QR code using this platform, and the difference it has from other generators is that it’s a monthly subscription. 


If you want to try out their services, the package ranges from $11.95 for 1 month, and it lessens as you subscribe for a longer duration of 12 months, valued at $7.50 per month. 

Final Thoughts

To tally the comparison, Beaconstac lands on the top of the list as it offers the best packages while maintaining ease of use. 


With dynamic QR codes offering a lot more features than static QR codes, the best tip to best utilize them is by finding a very competent dynamic QR code generator with the best price and inclusions.