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TamilRockers Latest Website: Download Malayalam, Hindi Dubbed Movies| tamilrockers new link | Similar sites like tamilrockers website | tamilrockers forum – Short Description about Topic.

TamilRockers : Tamil Rockers is a website through which pirated movies, videos, audios or copied movie is shown by online steaming. This website does not ask for any subscription details. Its mode of revenue is advertising. The people can see the online videos through magnet link, torrent files and file sharing. The owner of this website is Prabhu and DVD owner is Johnson. Prabhu and Johnson have been sent to jail many times due to piracy of films, audios, and videos. They had been registered with seven cases. The data administrator of this site is still yet not known. tamilrockers causes huge losses to the directors and film industry as they upload most of the Tamil movies and others on the first day of release of the movie in the theatre on their website and sometimes also they release the movie before they are launched on the local screen. There is no limit on the income they are earning. As the number of visitors increases on their sites and view the content and adds posted on tamilrockers website they earn more money. These days’ users prefer using their site as it saves their money and gets entertainment. The people have to only bear the cost of internet. But on an average it is estimated their group is making around 1 to 2 lakhs per month.

Their working methods

Tamil Rockers collect the audios, videos, films, and serials by various means and launch on their website.


1st Method

Tamil Rockers make the money from the film producers and organizers by asking them not to show their movie online before the movie is released on their site.  They ask the producer to pay them. Suppose before the release of the movie the producer launches Film premier or calls the press, Somehow the Tamil movie hackers are able to make videos of their film premier than they contact the film producer asking for money not to launch their film before release.

Not only this, sometimes if the producer has doubt they go to tamilrockers and ask them to show their movie premiere on their site to know the audience responses. Once the producer gets to know the response and if it is not in the favor of the movie he makes an edition in the movie.

2nd method

Tamilrockers make money by paying money to the theatersthrough the Fake account in lakhs and in turn, gets the film recordings. When the link of the film arrives,the theatre people gives the recording of the movie to these Tamilrockers.

3rd method

The third method Tamil movers follow is by giving money to the kids for recording the movies from the theater. They usually give rs 500 to 1500 to the kids. The kids who records the movie more clearly and their recording prints come out more clearly get good money. These kids record the movie from their mobile phones or cameras they carry along with them in the theater. These Tamil rockers have graphic designers with them who do editing and brightening of the prints.

Tamil rocker is an illegal website as they are showing pirated movies, audios and videos. The government of India has many times blocked and banned this website as it is causing loss to film producers. But still, Tamil rockers move to a new domain and continues to retain its website.

The latest domains in used by the tamilrockers are




  1. tamilrockers.ws
  2. tamilrockers.cc
  3. tamilrockers.bx
  4. tamilrockers.to,
  5. tamilrockers.be,
  6. tamilrockers.pm,
  7. tamilrockers.ws,
  8. tamilrockers.lu,
  9. tamilrockers.la,
  10. tramilrockers.ac,
  11. tamilrockers.py,
  12. tamilrockers.mv,
  13. tamilypgi.fm,
  14. tamilrockers.ci,
  15. tamilrockers.hn,
  16. tamilrockers.bx,
  17. tamilrockers.net.
  18. tamilrockers.net
  19. tamilrockers.re
  20. tamilrockers.gr
  21. tamilrockers.li
  22. tamilrockers.be
  23. tamilrockers.ac
  24. tamilrockers.tw
  25. tamilrockers.ws
  26. tamilrockers.cx
  27. tamilrockers.co
  28. tamilrockers.com
  29. tamilrockers.lv
  30. tamilrockers.cz
  31. tamilrockers.ai
  32. tamilrockers.cl
  33. Tamilrockers.hn
  34. tamilrockers.az
  35. tamilrockers.vu
  36. tamilrockers.la
  37. tamilrockers.in
  38. tamilrockers.mx
  39. tamilrockers.ru
  40. tamilrockers.az
  41. tamilrockers .la
  42. tamilrockers.vs
  43. tamilrockers.mz
  44. tamil rockers.ws
  45. tamilrockers.by
  46. tamilrockers.ph
  47. tamilrockers.bz
  48. tamilrockers.cl
  49. tamilrockers.to
  50. tamilrockers.nz
  51. tamilrockers.vc
  52. tamilrockers.gs
  53. tamilrockers.lu
  54. tamilrockers.py
  55. tamilrockers.yt
  56. tamilrockers.cr
  57. tamilrockers.hs
  58. tamilrockers.im
  59. tamilrockers.ms
  60. tamilrockers.sh
  61. tamilrockers.tf
  62. tamilrockers.st
  63. tamilrockers.ci
  64. tamilrockers.gd
  65. tamilrockers.cc
  66. tamilrockers.mv
  67. tamilrockers.tel
  68. tamilrockers.iv
  69. tamilrockers.le
  70. tamilrockers.mu
  71. tamilrockers.l
  72. tamilrockers.tu
  73. tamilrockers.at
  74. tamil rockers.net
  75. tamilrockers.tv
  76. tamilrockers.vs
  77. tamilmv.vc
  78. tamilrockers.nu
  79. tamilrockers.fi
  80. tamilrockers.iv
  81. tamilrockers.com (Malayalam)
  82. tamilrockers.com (telugu)

Steps to download the tamilrockers torrent for movies from Tamil rockers website.

  • Download the utorrent, Deluge, Bit torrent and some free torrent client from the website and install it.
  • Now download the torrent file and put it into the torrent client that you have downloaded.
  • The file will be downloaded soon.

Free movie streaming without sign up | Best Putlockers new site

Alternatives sites of Tamil rockers


  • moviesrulzfree-It is the best alternative option of tamilrockers website. Here one can watch the favorite movie without facing any difficulty. In this website, there are several options like advance search, search bar, Tamil gun, Hollywood, Bollywood films and languages choosing an option. Through clicking on this option one can easily find his favorite movie, whichever he wants to view. By clicking on the icon one can easily go on this website. The picture quality is very good on this website. This site contains pirated movies from various film industries. The government has banned this site many times, but not able to ban it completely.

The URL for this is  http://www13.moviesrulzfree.com

  • Tamil box– In this website, one can watch short movies and search for his favorite movie through genre, year, search engine and various other options showing on the website.This website has mostly Halloween movies. It also contains top rated movies, recommendations about movies and serials, Top of the week, top of the day and also has movie downloading option. This site is good as it does not contain any misleading information. The best thing about this site is that the adds do not open on this site on its own until clicked upon.

The URL for this is http://www.tamilbox.rocks

  • V100v- This is another site familiar to Tamil rockers. In this site, the movie that can be watched is of high quality. It contains very few adds. Unlike other sites, one can choose their favorite movie according to the genre, country, IMDB and advanced search engine. If the movie of their choice is not in their database they can request in the future for it.

The URL for this is http://v100v.net

  • TamilGun- It has a vast collection of movies from different countries. The movies of Hollywood and Bollywood are dubbed into Tamil. One can watch a movie on it without registration and subscription on it. It has a wide variety of choice like new movies, HD movies, latest movies, dubbed movies. It also shows few adds and no pop up adds leading to the tiredness of the viewer.

The URL for this is http://www.tamilgun.rock

  • Myisaimini- This is another website like tamilrockers. Through this website, one can watch their favorite TV shows. One need not have to sign or submit their registration details to watch any serial or movie through it. The layout of this site is very impressive. One can watch his favorite movie through the search toolbox. The main drawback of this site is that it does not show any film trailer. One can also leave the comment or feedback of the movie in the comment section. The best thing about this site is that the movies can be watched directly online as well as downloaded. The picture quality and steaming are excellent.

The website of this is http://myisaimini.net

  • Hdmoviesda- Another website for steaming pirated movies and videos online is Hdmoviesda. You can watch latest movie and serial through this website but the main drawback is that it does not contain any classification heading like genre, country and year through which a person can easily choose their favorite movie. If one has to watch any specific movie than he has to first go to the footer section and find which type of movie would he likes to go for, like horror, comedy, romance, and action. If the video does not play in one server on this site one can choose another server. The information about movies is less on this site as compared to other sites.

The website of this is http://hdmoviesda.com

  • Uyirvani- This is pop up add free website like tamilrockers. The website for this is http://uyirvani.org
  • Yts- This is the best website for watching movies. No pop- up adds are there which lead to the third-party open page. It gives the list of popular movies and serials of the week on the website and homepage. It gives options to see movies in 21 languages like Korean, English, Greek, Japanese and other. Every movie has some brief description on this site like ratings given by IMDB, cast, and director. The video quality is very good and the streaming speed is very fast as compared to other sites. The best thing about this site is that it provides movie torrent links.

The website of it is http://yts.am

  • Einthusan- This website also shows upcoming new movies. One can watch the Tv serials online directly on this site.

The website of it is http://einthusan.tv.

  • Put lockers.cz- On this website, one can see all kind of television shows and films. Even one can see live shows on it through online streaming.
  • Movielangki- The plus point in this is that here there are no adds, but the quality of tv shows and films is not good as compared to other sites.

This website is very popular. This site is popular because it is free. One does not have to purchase the ticket which is sometimes costly for the family to bear. One does not have to wait for a new movie to release, people can sometimes see before it comes to the market. Thirdly it is also convenient for the people to watch the film on it as the people do not have to purchase or go anywhere to buy the movie. The tamilrockers provide the links of the movie by which one can easily watch. It is mostly loved by south Indian people. One can get all the latest movies on this site. As this site is illegal Google and many other search engines have removed this site from its listing. This site mainly came into existence in 2011. Most users of tamilrockers are from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Ice land and India. The tamilrockers mainly launch their film in the format like HD, UHD, and 4K.

The most famous and popularity gaining movie which Tamil rocker has launched till date is Bahubali, The Throne of Games, Shahrukh Khan Zero, Thugs of Hindustan, Dhanush’s Maari2.

Tamil rockers have even uploaded the movie after one hour’s after the release of the movie in the local market. Tamilrocker latest link is https://www.tamilrockerslatesturl.com. The link of Tamil rockers website keeps on changing almost daily.

Tamil rockers forums- Not only this Tamilrockers forum, so as to interact with common visitors.The tamilrockers can over here, contact and interact with visitors. Different forum section is made on the homepage for this. On this forum page mainly the tamilrockers post the links of the latest movies, requested movies as asked by the visitors so that the visitors can download it or see the movie online as requested by them. To be a visitor of the forum one has to sign up the account so that he can interact with the tamilrockers people or post comments. This site is very user-friendly. The standard language used in this section is mainly English. tamilrockers sometimes claim on this site that they will show the movie live on the date of release and do it.

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