Hard To Find Logic:

What will be the challenges while solving programming assignments? This is the most common question that arises in the mind of a fresher or a beginner who has just enrolled in a computer science course.


During the graduation period, a computer science student has to encounter a ton of programming assignments.

Solving any kind of simple assignment might be easy for a student. However, a programming assignment with a fixed deadline can be a nightmare for a beginner or novice.

There is no doubt that every student will face some issues & commit some mistakes to solve them. In that case, many students looking for help with Programming homework online to avoid mistakes and to complete it on deadline. As they face challenges doing so for the first time.

This article will focus such nine challenges a student can face to solve its first programming assignment.

Hard To Find Logic:

Hard To Find Logic:

One of the greatest issue a beginner face while he tries to jump in the programming assignment, is a lack of logic for the questions.

A beginner who has not practiced a lot of programming questions; he faces difficulties finding out the gateway that will help to solve the question.

In programming assignments, every question has its proper logic to solve. If you can able to get the logic, your journey for that question will get started.

So, think about the logic of any problem before writing anything on the paper or the IDE for solving the question.

Challenge To Stick At Question:

In any programming assignment, there are a lot of questions present. Common student minds always roam the entire assignment to get one of the easy questions. It is one of the mistakes that students commit.

At the end when they will encounter a difficult question, they will try to skip it.

In programming assignments, the logic might be effective. But there might be thousands of ways possible to implement that logic. You have to check all the ways to do that. You should pay a similar amount of time for that.

Until stick to that question & try to get a solution.

Low Knowledge Of Syntax:

Low Knowledge Of Syntax:

A beginner in the programming assignment faces an issue while he tries to write code in one IDE. The novice student has no or little knowledge of the syntax field. So, it is very challenging to put the write syntax while writing the code.

But thanks to all types of IDEs present for certain programming languages.

The IDEs are designed in such a way that they can suggest syntax names & writing styles to one beginner. You can use that feature to complete your programming assignment.

Challenge To Write Clean Code:

Each & every student wants to write an effective code. But few of them want to write a clean code. A clean code is much more important than an effective code. If a code is not clean enough, you will not understand the logic of the code later in the future.

Also, provide some comments on the program to understand the flow of the code. Students implement codes without aligning them into a simple style.

Also, students don’t bother about the indentation of the program. A beginner faces issues in writing an effective & clean code simultaneously.

Challenge To Understand Error:

After writing a piece of code, students need to check the output of the code. During that period, if students commit some mistakes it will occur as an error in the output window.

For a novice student identifying the kind of error is a very serious issue.

Until the student resolves the error, the IDE will not pride the output. So, it is necessary to find out the error in the list of statements.

Though the IDE will mark the line, understanding the type of error is essential. Students with a lot of practice can overcome such situations.

Issue To Solve Error:

Now, the student has got the line where the error occurred. But it is time to resolve that error. In different IDEs, the error message comes in the expert-level term.

If a student doesn’t have a good amount of knowledge of the syntax, he or she will not be able to come out of the error.

That is the reason, a student needs to know the syntax of that programming language very well. In such a situation, the student needs to check the statement where the error occurred.

Also, the previous & next lines should be checked. In most cases, beginners get errors due to the wrong syntax in the program.

Nervous With Ticking Deadline:

While you are solving the programming assignment, we advise you not to think about the deadlines. You have to focus on the assignment questions, not on the deadlines.

If you think about your deadlines align with the number of questions left to solve, you will become furious.

Instead while starting your programming assignment, keep your deadline ready. You have to pick your deadline a few days before the original deadline of the assignment.

Try to complete the whole assignment by your deadline. If you miss that, you will have some extra days in hand for boosting.

Issue With Frustration Level:

Be prepared to fight with your frustration. A beginner will always get frustrated as he sees his assignments are not getting solved easily.

Always remember that nobody in the earth is a perfectionist. Whatever you have done is the result of your best involvement in your work.

During the time of programming assignment-solving process, you have to look at your mental & physical health. You should take proper breaks during that time.

Try to be steady & focused on your work. You should never give up hope by leaving your work in between.

Challenge Of Not Taking Help:

During the first stage of your programming assignment where you are not able to solve one-by-one questions, don’t move to take help from any individuals.

Also, you have to be very strong that without taking help from the internet, you can able to solve your programming assignment slowly.

But at last, after providing the best of you, if you aren’t able to solve a good number of questions; don’t move for any fellow student or senior. Rather, move to your faculty teacher who might give you a few hints that will help to solve the questions.

Try not to copy anything from the internet or any other copybook.

Final Thoughts:

Challenges are essential to achieve anything great in life. In your way, if there is no challenge, there is no fun in moving ahead. Programming assignments are not different from that.

As much as the challenges you will face to solve the assignment, so much knowledge you will have on that particular course in your university.