Solar Energy Pros and Cons | Advantages and Disadvantages

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Solar energy is all that is derived directly from the sun. There are many other forms of energy that indirectly derive from the sun. For example, most of the energy sources in use today such as gas, coal and oil are very old biological materials that derive their energy from the sun. In the same way, the energy contained in the wood ultimately has its origin in the sun, through the process known as photosynthesis.

However, when we mention solar energy we usually refer to the direct energy of the sun. This type of energy, in general, refers to the generation of heat or electricity through the sun.

Sunlight can be making use of straight to produce electricity. The employ of photovoltaic cells or solar panels is increasingly common as an efficient and low-cost alternative to generating electricity.

The concentration of solar energy in the form of heat is another way to take advantage of this form of energy. In the domestic environment, solar water heaters are used, which reduce the consumption of other forms of energy such as gas or electricity. There are also advanced technologies to concentrate the heat of the sun in power plants generating electricity for industrial or commercial uses.

Solar energy has many advantages over other sources of energy. Below are some solar energy pros and cons:

Different Advantage of Solar energy

  • Solar energy is a practically unlimited renewable resource. There is virtually an unlimited supply of solar energy that we can use and it is a renewable energy. Our reliance on fossil fuels can be decreased in direct proportion to the quantity of solar energy we create. With the constant increase in demand for traditional energy sources and the consequent increase in costs, solar energy is increasingly a necessity.
  • It does not pollute. Solar energy is an excellent source of alternative energy because there is no pollution when used.
  • The only cost associated with the use of solar energy is the cost of manufacturing the components and installation. After the initial investment, there are no additional costs associated with its use. Hence cost is very low in the case of solar energy.
  • Before you transfer to solar energy check the prepaid electricity plans from electric companies on the HomeEnergyClub website in which electricity is purchased and paid for before it is used so maybe it could be a good choice for you.
  • It is adaptable to the needs. This means that your first solar project can be small and you can increase the capacity of your system in the future to adapt it to your needs. By starting with a relatively small project you can reduce the initial expense.
  • It is clean. A solar energy system for electricity generation in the home can potentially eliminate up to 18 tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment each year.
  • Solar energy operates with silent systems. No noise pollution
  • You find it everywhere. It is the best way to provide electricity to isolated places around the world, where the cost of installing electricity distribution lines is too high.

Different Disadvantages of the solar energy

In spite of benefit there are some disadvantages of solar energy which are explain below

  • Large commercial-scale solar power generation projects may require large amounts of land. However, a system for a house does not have this problem.
  • The initial costs of installing a solar energy system can be high compared to other alternatives.However, as noted in the advantages section, there are no subsequent costs, so the initial investment recovers quickly. You can always compare prices of solar energy and other sources of energy and you will find that in the long run, it is the solar energy that is economical. For some families, the initial costs can be a major obstacle, so in many countries there are government supports and financing schemes.
  • In some places sunlight does not have the intensity or is not constant enough to provide a permanent energy flow. This is practically not a problem in Mexico, since our country has an excellent capture of sunlight in practically all its territory.

In conclusion, solar energy is an excellent alternative to provide the energy needs of modern society, as it is clean and efficient. As you have seen, solar energy pros and cons that makes it very attractive for any use, either in your own home, or for the generation of electrical energy for factories and businesses.

Although it has some disadvantages, most of them only apply for very large projects or in specific locations where sunlight is not adequate. For countries like Mexico, which have an excellent location for the use of solar energy, this form of energy is an option that we should take full advantage of.

After reading these solar energy pros and cons you come to know whether solar energy is beneficial for you or not

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