Snapchat Planet Order Meaning | How Does it Work?

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Snapchat Planet Order: If you’re using Snapchat+, you might have noticed something cool called Snapchat Planets.

It’s part of the new Friends & Best Friends Solar System feature they just rolled out. 

If you’re also uncertain about the meaning of it and how it functions.

This guide will help you understand the basics of what Snapchat Planets means and how you can use them to your advantage. 

It’s been an impressive amount of time now since the Snapchat Plus service was launched, which adds additional features and perks to Snapchat.

Numerous fantastic features await you when you acquire Snapchat+, with the Friends Solar System being a noteworthy inclusion among them.

We’ll look at the solar system’s orbit, the Earth’s orbit, and its amazing features in a short amount of time. 

What is Planet Friend Solar System on Snap?

Snapchat Planet Order is a creative method of showing your closeness to the eight most popular acquaintances on Snapchat.

Based on the frequency you chat and snap with them, every friend gets a planet in the solar system.

The planets range from Mercury (the closest) up to Neptune (the farthest). 

The badge appears on the profile of your friend with the Snapchat planets emoji, as well as the golden ring that surrounds the badge. 

If you click on the badge you will determine how important you are in their eyes according to the scale of the solar system. 

What Are Snapchat Planets Order? 

Snapchat offers a Best Friends Solar System feature that is only available to Plus members. The planets form components of the system and are a measure of your relationship with other users of the application.

The app features eight planets just like the actual Solar System. 

Your profile is represented by the ‘Sun”, while your Snapchat buddies are assigned to a ‘Planet according to your proximity to Snapchat. 

In the case of a person who is your closest Snapchat friend, you’ll be able to see that they’re “Mercury” to the person you are (as Mercury is closest to the Sun within the Solar System). 

The intensity of the relationship determines who gets what planet that is in the acquaintance’s Solar System. 

Thus, Planets represent your list of your Top Friends through Snapchat. 

Pluto isn’t an element of the app since it was removed from our Solar System at the end of August in 2006. 

What is Snapchat Plus Planets? 

Snapchat Plus is the ultimate option to tell your closest friends the love you have for you. 

Through Snapchat Plus, you can select your favorite 8 people and then place them in the form of a planet circle in the sun. 

Each planet features a unique heart icon to indicate the distance between you. 

Mercury has the most close proximity to Mercury, after which comes Venus and on. Snapchat Plus also lets you take advantage of some awesome benefits such as ghost trials, story re-watch counts as well as BFF-related pinning chat wallpapers. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add some spice to the Snapchat experience and make your pals feel like they’re special. 

How do I access Snap Chat Planets on a Free Basis? 

For access Snapchat Planets, you have to become a Snapchat Plus Planets member.

Monthly subscription fees are $3.99 You can test it for no cost for 7 days prior to signing up.

Would you like to know the planet that you’re on within your friends’ Snapchat world? This is possible without cost using this straightforward technique! 

  • Install Snapchat and sign up to create an account. 

  • Join a group of friends and begin taking pictures. 

  • Log into your account and click on Snapchat’s Snapchat+ banner. 
  • Select a plan, and then begin the 7-day trial for free. 

  • Start the app again and then visit your friend’s profile. 
  • Press the gold badge, which says, ” Best Friends” or ” Friends“. 
  • Find out what planet is displayed at the top of your screen. 

  • Have fun with your trial, Don’t forget to unsubscribe the trial before it expires. 

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Which Friends are Near your Snap Solar System?

Snapchat Planet Order Based on the location of Planets about their distance from the Sun Your Bitmoji (or should I say, the Friendmoji) is also different. 

That’s why what it means.

Bitmoji associated with Mercury will be more close and friendlier, with lots of hearts in the vicinity.

The one that has Neptune is quite a distance.

Additionally, the facial expressions would not be as good as well in addition to the fact that there will not be genuine smiles, either.

(It’s providing fake acquaintances for authenticity.) 

  1. Mercury: Closest Friend

Mercury is the first and closest planet to our sun and it is the second hottest, which may be strange but it is what it is.

Based on the interactions with friends or through your regular snaps or the amount of snaps you’ve sent to each other Snap’s algorithm rates them on the same as your Mercury. 

Mercury has a beautiful rose pink Planet that is surrounded by red hearts the planet. The friend Moji appears to be the most joyful with its wide-eyed body posture and the hand over heart signifying that the two of you have become best friends. 

  1. Venus: Second Closest Friend

In the Venus friendmoji, you can see a slight difference in the eyes of the female at the Planet.

Yes, their physique is almost identical, however, the facial expressions convey some ambiguity.

This makes them the second closest acquaintances. 

Venus is a Beige Planet featuring blue and purple hearts surrounding the planet. 

  1. Earth: Third Closest Friend

In the meantime, as Planetal order is reduced you’ll notice that the friendsmoji becoming less friendly and becoming a little away and distant from Sun person. 

The Earth smiley emoji appears genuinely joyful and content, but the gesture of hand-over-heart is no longer.

Additionally, the color pattern is reminiscent of Earth and is a combination of blue and green.

Additionally, there are stars in red and a moon in the background. 

  1. Mars: Fourth Closest Friend

The Planet of the aggressor, Mars, is a beautiful red-colored Planet with purple and blue hearts surrounding it. If you look at the friendmoji, it seems somewhat hesitant, with a head scratch that suggests anxiety. 

It’s one of those instances where you feel connected to a person, however, your intimacy level isn’t defined If that’s what you mean. In your mind, you’re gauging closeness. 

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  1. Jupiter: Fifth Closest Friend

Jupiter can be described as something of an Orange Planet and has no hearts to wrap around. 

You know when you’re at ease with someone to greet them and exchange basic details. 

The overall appearance of the friendmoji is satisfied with the distance between them. 

Thus, it’s offering acquaintanceship. 

  1. Saturn: Sixth Closest Friend

Saturn is the yellow Planet with a circle around the planet. 

There aren’t any hearts. Yet the Friendmoji appears appealing. In other words, if you observe both the Sun and Friendmoji’s faces They appear joyful. 

The location isn’t close enough for it to create uncomfortableness, but not far enough. It’s perfect! 

  1. Uranus: Seventh Closest Friend

Right now, Uranus is tricky! If you pay attention to the conditions of this Green Planet, it’s off. 

The friendmoji as well as the Sun seem to be a little disoriented by their delightful and happy enthusiasm.

The smiles of the Sun are warm and welcoming, but the smile of the friend emoji is a little off. 

  1. Neptune: Eighth closest friend

Neptune The Planet of our imagination has done a great job to its fame! 

It is believed that the blue-colored planet generally emits the energy of individuals who have who are lost in their world. 

If you look at the body language of the Friendmoji and the Sun and the Sun, you will see that the former is entirely oblivious to the other, while the Sun has a straight face. 

You can see that they’re facing each other.

However, the body language of the friend Mojis has been completely removed by the settings. 

It’s something like the relationship a teenager has with their parents. Bittersweet. 


Snap’s Best Friends Solar System is an entertaining feature that keeps users intrigued by the application.

It’s another engaging inside-app experience like Snap Streaks Badges, Astrology, Games, and more, to name a few.

Snapchat is well-known in the eyes of Gen Z and Millenials. 

Snapchat users frequently show off their connections with the planets they share on other social media platforms. This is one of the wonderful features offered by Snapchat Plus.

Snapchat Plus membership. 

If you’re a subscriber with access to SnapchatPlus, then you should explore and experience your connections with planets immediately. 

The end of this tutorial. Use the comments box should you have any questions or concerns about Snapchat. 

We’re happy to help with any questions you may have.


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