Services and Prices of Two Men and a Truck: Moving can be a daunting task. However, it can be made easy by hiring a professional moving company like Two Men and a Truck. First, we will talk about services and the cost of hiring them.

Two Men and a Truck Overview

Services offered by Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck is a professional moving company with over 40 years of success. The company owns around 300 franchise locations and has more than 4000 workers. It is one of the foremost moving companies in North America. The headquarters of Two Men and a Truck is located in Michigan.

Two Men and Truck is widely available and often has lower prices than other companies. Movers are helpful, considerate, and have a national presence. They have a friendly reputation and affordable rates. As a moving company, they provide a lot of services. These include loading and unloading the truck, tracking the move online, and having basic liability coverage, which pays 60 cents per pound if anything is lost or damaged.

Services offered by Two Men and a Truck

1. Cross Country, Local and Long-Distance Move

Two Men and a Truck offers various services like packing, loading, and unloading the truck. They provide local moves as well as long-distance ones. They have a franchise-based model with a local presence in more than 230 US cities, and they can be reached at any time. In addition, they offer long-distance move services for those who want to relocate from one state to another or out of the country.

2. Bundling Services

Two Men and a Truck offers bundling options for its customers. This is because most people don’t need all their boxes every day, making it easier for both parties if you do not have to keep going back-and-forth with them. The bundles may come in sets of three, six, or ten depending on what is being moved and how many are moving it themselves versus having professional movers do it for them. For example, when planning an interstate move that’s two thousand miles away from your home, bundling services can help the customer save money on their move.

3. Storage Service

Suppose you are just looking for storage space. For those who want someone else to pack up everything that will be moved out of your house before it’s time for them to leave, there may not be much point getting this type of service because then they would have to deal with unpacking as well. It also helps when sorting through things at one’s new home since the company packs items by room.

4. Value Flex Service

If you don’t want to move right away, then this is a good option. They will pack your things into a crate and put them in the trailer with other people’s crates.

5. Expedited Service

This is for those people who need to move quickly and can’t wait around. They will pack your things up in the most compact way possible, so it’s not necessarily a good option to look at this as an affordable solution.

6.Piano Moving Service

This is for people who have pianos that need to be moved. Moving a piano can be difficult, and it will take the whole day, but they are fully equipped with everything needed to make this task easier.

7. Junk Removal Service

This is a great option for people who don’t want to deal with the junk and need it gone. They will remove your junk, clean up everything, so you have no evidence that there was any trash in your house or garage.

8. Full valuation coverage service

This is for people who want to make sure that they are covered in the event of breakage or theft. It’s not something you would need if you are moving and don’t have anything valuable, but it might be worth considering a more expensive move.

How do Two Men and a Truck Work?

Services offered by Two Men and a Truck

This company’s work is to allow people who do not own a truck and don’t want the hassle of renting one, hire them instead. They will show up on time with all their gear in tow, and they’ll take care of the load from start to finish. It may cost more than a rental or your friend borrowing you his pickup for an hour, but it pays off when you have no other options!

Hiring Two Men and a Truck

Cost of hiring two men and a truck may vary depending on the franchisee’s location and type of move, as Two Men and a Truck has a franchise-based model.

1. Long Distance Moving price

Their long-distance moving price starts at $ 395 for a full-service move from one state to another and includes

You are packing the entire home, loading it onto the truck themselves. This is not including any other jobs that you may have, such as packing all of your personal belongings into boxes or containers to make them easier to transport with their tools and equipment.

2. Expedited moves price

Expedited, which starts from $795 for an expedited local (less than 25 miles) move. The service will include unpacking everything once they arrive at its destination, setting up beds, dressers, shelving units, and anything else needed to get living quarters back together again.

3. Value Flex pricing

Value Flex starts around $495 but varies depending on how much time has been scheduled for it.

4. Storage Service Cost

Storage service at the cost of $69 per month and includes boxes, packing supplies such as shrink wrap and tape, furniture covers, moving services to get everything from one place to the next, plus unlimited access to your stuff so you can stop in any time you want.

What Sets them Apart?

It’s in-home moving services which other companies do not offer because they do all the heavy lifting while customers have to load up their car with some items once they arrive home after working all day or running errands. The second category is its community service programs targeted towards veterans like the military moves free of charge program where two men will pack up belongings into containers then deliver them anywhere within.

Their second category is packing supplies which cover-up in the event of breakage or theft so that you need not worry about buying your boxes and tape separately like a lot of other companies do when they charge by weight for these items as an extra add-on.

And lastly, there are storage services that include short-term rentals at more affordable rates than most people would find from a self-storage company. Storage service is provided depending on the size of your move but typically ranges from $0-$100 per month.