Samsung M31 Honest Review: Pros and Cons | Advantages & Disadvantages

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Nowadays, Samsung is facing fierce competition from rivals to cope with the issue Samsung came out with their new series M .somehow M series saved Samsung from drowning, and they are coming out with their new Samsung galaxy M31, which excepted to release in March 2020. So what is new on the phone we are going to discuss.

Samsung M31 Honest Review: Pros and Cons | Samsung M31 Advantages & Disadvantages | Samsung M31 Problems, Drawbacks | Samsung M31 Pros and cons

Design and Display –

In the terms of design, Samsung was a trendsetter. All the brands followed Samsung in terms of design, but now Samsung is playing the game with their same old plastic body, which they were giving in M30s nothing is new in terms of design M31 is only a refreshed version of M30s. The only change is the camera cutout, and it is available in three different colors blue, black & red and Display type is Super AMOLED with FHD+ resolutions of 1080×2340 FHD+ and one thing more the design of Samsung M31 is sleek and compact for easy grip.

Performance –

with their trademark processor Exynos 9611 again it has the same processor which we have seen in M30s according to the reports which suggest that M31 might come with 6gb of ram which is somehow a good step by Samsung in terms of performance, Samsung has an FHD+ super AMOLED display with excellent viewing angles, higher contrast ratio, I have always admired Samsung for its display again Samsung continued its legacy. It has 6000 Mah monstrous battery with 15W fast charger, but according to the battery the fast charging technology of the phone should be enhanced according to the hardware.

Camera –

Samsung M31 Honest Review: Pros and Cons | Samsung M31 Advantages & Disadvantages | Samsung M31 Problems, Drawbacks | Samsung M31 Pros and cons

Samsung has now started following the trend and has now created this time a camera-centric phone. The M31 has a quad-camera setup with a primary camera of 64 MP with an aperture of 2.0 . 8 MP of an ultrawide lens with an aperture of 2.2 and FOV of 123 degrees Samsung claims that it has a more FOV than human eye you can take an excellent ultra-wide shot if you visit monumental places like Taj mahal. It has a macro lens of 5 MP with an aperture of 2.4 for taking awesome close shots; it has a depth lens of 5 MP for taking portrait mode.

Specifications overview

  • Design – Front glass body, back, and body frame polycarbonate.
  • Display Type – Super AMOLED
  • Resolution – 1080×2340 FHD+
  • Camera setup quad camera
    1. Primary camera – 64 MP with an aperture of 1.8
    2. Ultrawide lens – 8 MP with an aperture of 2.2.
    3. Macro lens – 5 MP with an aperture of 2.4.
    4. Depth lens – 5 MP with an aperture of 2.4.
  • Processor – Exynos 9611 (10nm)
  • Variants- 6/64 for Rs.14999 and 6/128 for Rs.15999
  • Battery – 6000 Mah with 15 W fast charger.

The low light photography is excellent, and the photo with no noise and no details loss since Samsung acquired Core photonics has improved it’s a camera and set the trend, Core photonics is a company who introduced camera technology like OIS, PDAF and many more. since its acquisition in March 2019, Samsung has increased there camera quality and set the trend but there is far more to go for Samsung .

Samsung M31 Pros and Advantages: 

  • Excellent super AMOLED display with a fantastic viewing angle with a higher contrast ratio the colors produced by the display is terrific outdoor visibility of the display is incredible.
  • 6000 mah monstrous battery, which can give juice up to 1.5 days, which is plus point of M series.

Samsung M31 Cons and Disadvantages:

  • The one thing is clear, that Samsung smartphone is not playing the game according to the trend. They are just scattering their elements of the old model, the same processor we saw in Samsung A50S, A51, and again in M31.
  • No Infinity-O display, Still using Infinty-U in new 2020 series smartphone. Users need infinity-O display.
  • But if you are a Samsung fan, this phone is made for you.

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