Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Problems : How to Fix that Problems

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Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Problems,Iris Scanner, Face reconition, Camera Problems, Some Apps is not working on Full screen,Wifi Problems – Short Description about the Topic.

Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Problems : How to Fix that Problems

Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Problems How to Fix that Problems

How to Fix Iris scanner & Face Recognition Problems :

Samsung Offer the new way of unlocking smartphone, this time In samsung galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ has biometric scanner and face recongnition. Most of reviews websites has too much comments is that Iris scanner is not working properly.
If you facing that problem too : Just Follow Steps for solve Iris Scanner Solution

  • Open the Setting
  • Click on Lock Screen and Securty
  • Click on Iris Scanner
  • Remove the Perivious Set Iris Scanner
  • Instruction : Please Off your Glasses or Lens, when will be you set new Iris Scanner.
  • I am Sure, Your Iris Scanner Problem will be solved, After Follow these Steps.
  • Face Reconition : I am also using face reconition features in Samsung galaxy S8 OR Samsung galaxy S8+, Its works very Awosome. Some Users facing Face reconition problem. How to Solve this problem : Follow steps

  • Open the Settings
  • Click on lock Screen and Security
  • Click Face Reconition : Remove the older one
  • Set up the Face : Make sure When you set the new face reconition. your face is straight and look on screen.
  • Any Other Problem, Please Comments we are ready for help use anytime.

    Battery Problem : How to Fix it

    Most of Peoples Facing battery Problem in Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, This smartphone using too much battery without use the phone. If you are facing this problem :

  • Don’t Update your smartphone Software Updates.
  • Only Update your Application updates, Not a Software updates.
  • How to Fix Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Apps which is Not working in Full Screen

    Most of peoples said me that we are facing that problem some apps is not being full screen and some apps don’t use the entire space.
    How to Solve this Problems : Follow Some Instructions :

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Display
  • Click on Full Screen Apps
  • Enable the Application, which you want to be working in Full Screen
  • After Done these settings, Those Apps you has enabled that application is working on full screen automatically. Any More help Comments please.

    How to Fix Wifi Problem in Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+

    Many of Reviews websites, Peoples has commenting on that we are facing wifi problem, Drops networks and recieved so slow speed, when we are using wifi. We are share you what is real problems and how to Fix it?.

  • First of all, customer forgot all the wifi network passwords of your smartphone.
  • – Go to Settings >> Connections >> WiFi.

  • Second, Reset your home router or Modem. Reset your network to default settings
  • Third, Restart your Smartphone
  • Any More help, Comments please.

    How to Fix Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Problem : After Dip in water

    The Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ are IP68 water and dust resistant but some peoples are facing that problem after water dip S8 and S8+ speaker is damage. Don’t worry we are sharing you the right ways : How to Solve this Problem.
    There are no flaps or covers over the speaker, charging port or headphone jack — yet it’s still water resistant.
    If you are think that your speaker is damage permanently, You are wrong.

  • Follow Step : How to Solve this Problem
  • Take your Smartphone : For Sometime, Left your Smartphone in Sunlight : Maximium for 10-20minutes
  • Second Option : Take a Dryer for Evaporate the water inside the smartphone. Maximium for 2-4min.
    After Done this Process your Smartphone speakers is perfectly works.
    Some Suggestion for You:
    – Don’t Use the Smartphone after water Dip for 15 Minutes.
    – Don’t Plug in Charger or Headphone pin inside the jacks.

    How to Fix Galaxy S8 Camera Problems

    If you are facing this camera errors and Warning errors and Some time camera App getting exit Problem, Don’t worry Just Follow Some Steps : How to Fix it.

  • Open the Settings.
  • Click on Advance Features.
  • You will be See : Smart Stay Option, It’s Enable.
  • You Just Disable it.
  • After Done this Process, You Smartphone never show any error in Camera App.

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