Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ Iris Scanner VS FingerPrint Sensor:Users opinions :Peoples Review Iris Scanner best or Fingerprint sensor,security level of S8 | S8+ – Short Description about the Topic

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Iris Scanner VS FingerPrint Sensor: Users opinions

Samsung galaxy S8-S8-Plus-iris-scanner-vs-fingerprint-sensor
Samsung has created a world’s best design smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8Plus. Before the launch of S8 and S8+ i think that this device is too much bigger because i am saw samsung galaxy c9 pro, this device has too much bigger but when i am saw samsung galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, these device gave me shock of 100 votes. The size of s8 gaves a feel of less than 5.0 inchs smartphone and S8+ gaves a feel of 5.5inchs smartphone. Amazing feel when i am carry S8 and S8+ in hands. Lets We are talk about the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ IRIS SCANNER VS FINGERPRINT SENSOR.

Review of Fringerprint sensor :

Peoples has don’t like fingerprint on backside of smartphone because when peoples touch on fingerprint sensor, half finger touch on the camera len. Len getting durty after using fingerprint sensor but Speed of fingerprint recognition is too much faster, Just touch and Unlock the device within a second.

Review of IRIS SCANNER :

Peoples Love this new way of unlocking because Iris scanner is 200 times better and secure than fingerprint sensor. Something and tricks are now available for hacking fingerprint sensor but Nobody can hack Iris Scanner because nobody can hack your ratina with any element. Now we are talk about Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Iris Scanner test. I am using S8+ Iris scanner in full of darkness but s8+ recognition my ratina within a second. Just look it circle at the top of screen and unlock the device.

  • I am sure more than 95% Peoples using this Iris Scanner and now doesn’t matter fingerprint on the front or Back side because samsung create worlds best smartphone with Faster Iris Scanner.

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