Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Tricks

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1. How to Use Triple Cameras:

Samsung changes the smartphone history because Samsung launches his first smartphone with a triple camera lens. I am sure you think about that what Triple Camera can now.

  • Single-Camera Lens: Capture a Photo
  • Dual Camera Lens: Capture a Photo with Background Blur.
  • Triple Camera Lens: Capture a Photo with Ultra wide angle View.

Let ’s start with Samsung A7 2018 Main Key Feature: Triple Camera and How to use it.

  • How to use Live-focus in Samsung A7 (2018):

Live Focus: Live focus is a real quality feature of Samsung galaxy A8+ because the live focus is given really like professional camera photo. The live focus camera of this device is amazing because you can adjust blur according to you before capturing a photo, Waoo!!!!
How to use it: Open the Rear cameras of your Samsung A7 2018 >> Click on Live Focus >> After Click live focus you will be seen the option of blur Increase or Decrease line >> Just focus on an object, increase the blur of background or Decrease the blur of the background.

  • How to Capture Ultra-Wide Angle Photo and How to Access third Camera lens:

Suppose you are capturing the Group Photo, sometimes our group friends are not fit in the camera frame and You take step back for capture a photo but If you have amazing Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) you don’t have a need to step back. Enable the Ultra-Wide Angle to capture amazing photos.

How to Use it: Open the Rear Camera >> You will seen the new Two icons on the camera screen >> Switch it into Ultra-wide-angle >> After you Click on the Icon, you will be seen the Camera covering too much wide-area.

Samsung galaxy a7-2018-triple-camera


2. How to use Dual Messenger and Private Space in Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018):

Without using Parallel Space or OG WhatsApp apk, how to use the second WhatsApp and how to private space in your smartphone
If you want to Create App Clone : Go to settings >> Advanced Features >> Click on Dual Messenger option >> System now you the list of messengers >> Suppose you need the second WhatsApp >> Enable on WhatsApp >> System automatically >> Install secondary messenger >> Click on enable, which messenger do you want to use secondary.
How to Create Private Space in your Phone: Open your Main function >> Click on Secure Folder >> Sign In or Sign Up with your Samsung account >> After sign in >> System will get some time (Max 3min) >> After Done Progress >> Inside Secure Folder is your private space is ready.

3.  S Power Planning: How to increase battery life

S Power Planning application is design for reserved some battery and use the reserved battery in an emergency.
– Reserved Battery: This Application help for a reserved battery for important.
– Extend Battery Life: This Application helps to extend battery life.
How it Enable it: This application has 3 levels and By Default extend battery set on Level 2.

4.  How to Enable Multi-Window:

Now you will chat with your friends while watching a video or You will do 2 operations on Samsung J6.
How to Enable Multi-Window:
Open any App >> click on Recently App button >> At the Top, Click on two Boxes.

5.  How to Change LockScreen Two Icons : Camera and Dialpad:

How to Change it : Go to Setting >> Lock and Security Option >> Info and Apps Shortcut >> Change the Left and Right Shortcut, According to you need.

6.  How to Enable Panic Button Features :

you can Press the power button 3 times continuously to trigger the panic button. your Mobile phone will send an emergency message with your location to your predetermined Emergency Contacts and will also call 112 at the same time.
How to Enable it :
– Go to Setting >> Search for Panic button >> Enter the Emergency Message Number and second Enter Emergency Contacts Number.

7.  Smart View: How to Connect your Phone with Smart LED

Easy to share your smartphone screen on a bigger screen without the help of WIFI.

Swipe down your quick shortcut menu: After Swipe down >> Click on Smart View >> Pair with your Smart LED >> Allow from your LED remote control.

8. How to Secure 3rd party application with your fingerprint sensor:

If you are download 3rd party App locker, it’s risky because someone deletes your 3rd party app locker. Your all apps are unlocked.
How to Lock: First of all set your fingerprint sensor on your phone >> Go to Main menu >> Click on S Secure >> Click on Lock and Secure apps option >> System show you the list of application.

9.  How to Enable CHAT OVER VIDEO.

This feature is work like Multi-window but it provides a better experience to the user.
Suppose: User watching video on youtube >> and you get one notification on WhatsApp >> System will show you one POP UP >> Then you click on Whatsapp or ANY OTHER NOTIFICATION >> System will be open transparent Whatsapp screen.

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