Quick Ways to Improve Your Company: Sometimes there are fundamental changes you can make to your company that permanently alter its course, but other times little tweaks are enough to make a positive difference. Both kinds of changes are important, but only the second type can be done tomorrow. Here are some quick tips you can implement easily and immediately to improve your company’s functions.

Keep Calming, Preparatory Rituals

Before bed, take five minutes to envision what you’ll do when you start your day tomorrow. Then in the morning, follow this up. A brief morning ritual should be away from screens, and away from all technologies. It should be meditative, just a brief time for reflection. Time away from electronic devices is crucial, and just having a ritual provides structure that helps you face the day.

Keep Communications Going

To make sure that the directors of your company’s board are all on the same page, you should learn about the latest in board portal technology and how it will keep your important stakeholders up to date in a way that’s convenient and secure.

Your company depends on its board’s leadership so give them every tool to leverage their full power, and business should improve. Think of it as modern water cooler office chat.

Two To-Do Lists

One good tip is to maintain focus by keeping two to-do lists. The first is for short-, medium-, and long-term goals. The second will have just two things on it, both of which must be done today. Distractions are everywhere, between our over-reliance on modern technology and busy work schedules—anything to keep you on track is more than welcome.

Motivate Staff

Usually when employees feel satisfied in the workplace, performance improves. Learn what motivates them and light this fire. Incentives can take different forms, like offering a bonus, more time off, meaningful inclusion in important aspects of the operations, and lots of others. This also makes for a genuinely happier place to work and you want your workspace to be pleasant, both for the employee’s sake and for the company’s.

Embrace Feedback

Not only do people feel valued when they’re heard, but your employees have important insights about your business — listen to their opinions. They can help you grow the right way. There are different ways to facilitate this. Some companies have an HR department, and there’s a website with a section devoted to anonymous employee feedback. But for smaller teams, communication usually occurs in face-to-face meetings. This latter method is more personal and inexpensive, too. Many companies are savvy enough to know that they should make employees feel heard, but the important thing is to actually hear them.

Keep up the Comfort

Everybody works better when they’re comfortable. Ensure that the furniture in the office is ergonomic. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive furniture out there, but hunched-over workers staring at computer screens all day makes for bad health problems down the road. It’s only fair that if you’re going to expect hard work from employees, you should ensure that they’re doing it in an environment that’s safe and comfortable.

Again, sometimes improvements to a business are made on an impressive order of magnitude, but these can be complicated and take time to implement. Making these relatively minor changes can be enough to give your company an important lift. Explore these tips to help your business, quickly.