How to Fix PS4 Error Code SU-42481-9 : Full Guide

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How do I solve PS4 Error Code SU-42481-9 : PS4 users are suffering from this issue that prevents people from installing the latest PS4 Software update to their systems. This is the solution to resolve this issue PS4 SU-42481-9.

PS4 Error SU-42481-9 And How To Fix It

How to Fix PS4 Error Code SU-42481-9

Some users are facing Error Code SU-42481-9 while downloading the latest PS4 version of the software (the most recent version as at the time of writing can be found in PS4 Version 9.03). There’s an easy solution to aid you in solving the problem and get back to playing!

Make sure that you restart your PlayStation(r)4 console and try to update your software connecting to the internet. Internet connection is a possibility.

Select Notifications from the PS4 menu of functions, then highlight the update file then click the OPTIONS button and then delete.

Then, go to Options > System Software Update.

If you’ve had a number of unsuccessful downloads, ensure that you are updating the PS4 system software with the USB. Follow the link below to get more information.

This will allow you to install PS4 software updates to the system without problem.

Tell us your current project. In addition, should you encounter any other issues, please inform us!

Power Cycling Your PS4 to Fix PS4 Error SU-42481-9

Restart the PS4 Console, Clean Disk, and re-plug its Power Cable

This shuts off your PlayStation 4 making sure power is completely depleted.

It will generate all the necessary configurations prior to beginning.

Here’s how to achieve it:

  • Hold then Hold the button to turn off the power button on the console for minimum 10 seconds or until it’s completely off.
  • Remove the power cable from your console’s back.
  • Press and hold the power button many times until there is no power left. This can flush your cache and then deplete the PS4 of any source of power.
  • It should take between 4 and 5 minutes until you reconnect everything . After that, attempt to run PlayStation 4 and determine if the PS4 error SU-42481-9 is fixed.

Update Your PS4 In Safe Mode

Update the System Software of PS4 to the Latest Built

If the method above didn’t work for you This is likely to be the best alternative for you.

Here’s how you can fix an issue related to an PS4 problem with an update:

  • Turn off the power source to your PS4 by pressing by pressing the button for power. button that is located on the front of the console.
  • Hold your power button couple of seconds until you hear another beep . It will then start PS4 using Safe Mode.
  • Connect to the Dualshock 4.(DS4) with the USB cable, and then hit the PS button on the controller.
  • While in Safe Mode choose your option for upgrade your application.
  • Choose Update on The Internet .
  • Let the system fully upgrade.
  • Once the process has been completed reboot your console, and determine whether PS4 Error SU-42481-9 is repaired.

Rebuild the PS4 Database to Fix PS4 Error SU-42481-9

Rebuild the Database of the PS4 Console

The most effective alternative that has been proven to be successful for a lot of users.

This Rebuild Database feature lets you cleanse the data in the PS4 Slim/Pro and sort out all files stored on the hard drive.

Turn to your PS4:

  • Connect the DUALSHACK 4(DS4) to the USB cable and hit the PS button on the controller to connect it.
  • Keep your power switch on until you hear the beep . It will then begin to boot to Safe Mode.
  • Go to 5. and click ” Rebuild Database“.
  • The process can take some time to be completed, especially if the PS4 isn’t turning on. It will then be solved.

When the testing suggests the network could be in error, then you should restart your router modem to establish a connection to those servers that are part of the service you use.

Unplug the power cord from the outlet and let it rest for a minimum of 10 seconds before the reconnecting process.

After you’ve completed the test, you can run another on the network on your PS4 to check if the issue has been resolved. If the internet isn’t working, get in touch with your ISP and request they solve the problem.

Check If You Have Enough Storage

How to Fix PS4 Error Code SU-42481-9

However, Playstation 4 Playstation 4 won’t let you update your computer if you don’t have enough storage space, it’s advised to set the 5GB-10GB limit in your storage device apart from the price upgrading will set you back.

To do this, remove any programs which are not required or have already been played after which you can install them after the update.

Follow these Steps to Remove Game Titles from the PS4:

  • Begin by going to the home screen in your PC and selecting the applications and games that you have the ability to erase.
  • Then, you can make use of Control to create them, and then press on the Options button immediately after.
  • In the menu to left, select Option to delete. option to remove.option.
  • Then, click on the buttons”O”or the key Xon on the panel control to verify your action.

Once you have cleared all storage, you can go back to the update and see whether the issue is solved.

Manually Update Your PS4

Update the System Software of PS4 to the Latest Built

If you’re in a position to upgrade to the most recent version on the Playstation 4, we recommend making the update manually by in the Safe Mode. Be sure to follow the instructions that follow closely to ensure you don’t run into any problems.

Please note that we do not assume any responsibility for anything that happens to your PS4 during this process.

Preparing the USB Update Drive:

  • It is the first thing to do. purchase an external drive, then connect it to your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Then convert the drive by switching it into FAT32 and then create the new folder ” PS4″.
  • After that, create a second folder with the name ” UPDATE”.
  • Access the official website of Playstation using any internet browser to download the latest version of the game.
  • Then, transfer the file that has been updated to the UPDATE folder of your drive. Then, you can assign it a name ” PS4UPDATE.PUP “.


Updating Your PS4 in Safe Mode:

  • Make sure that the PlayStation has been completely off.
  • Then, you’ll be able to connect the flash drive that has the latest version of the update onto the PS4. PlayStation 4.
  • Then , you must hit the the power button on the PlayStation 4 for 8 minutes or until you reach the point where you be able to hear another sound.
  • The controller is attached to the PS4 through charger cable. Hit the PS button to activate the process.
  • In secure mode Select the upgrade system Software alternative.
  • Then, select Update from on the USB storage device and follow the prompts on the screen to continue the process.

After you’ve changed the settings on your PS4 after updating, you’ll be able to use it for a few minutes to ensure that everything works as it should.

You must follow exactly the instructions in the previous article in case you encounter the error code SU-42481-9 over and over when you upgrade to PS4.

Report the Problem to Playstation

If you’re not sure about performing the update yourself, you can always hire experts to manage the update on your behalf.

Visit the official site of Playstation to call the Support to report any issues you’ve had while updating your system. Schedule an appointment to take the PS4 to the nearest service center in your area to have it checked for any issues with the software or hardware.

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