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TV watching and sometimes TV binging is our favorite pastime. The numerous shows and content from hundreds of channels are informative, educative, entertaining and most of all addictive. Usually, people watch TV through a cable connection or through a Direct to Home service. A lot of viewers pay significant subscription charges and hence don’t wish to incur more expense on viewing shows and sops. So if there is a viable free alternative, then it’s become a pull factor. This is what TV streaming websites and aggregators like Project Free TV do. Project Free TV ( is a website that allows users to watch stacked up or streaming TV content like sops, serials, chat shows, movies etc in any electronic device without having to pay for the services.

The next question that arises is if Project Free TV 2019 itself is a safe website to access etc. The answer is yes but some necessary precautions will need to be applied. The site earns revenue by placing ads. The ads when clicked may redirect a user to malicious websites, links, spyware or adware. Hence it always recommended to use a good VPN and an antivirus for PC before visiting the website. Sometimes these websites also may not be accessible because the internet service provider may have banned it. In such scenarios using proxy or VPN. There are many free VPN software’s available online which one may use.

There are quite a few stable and sturdy websites and apps that allow users to watch free movies and TV shows and all of it at zero cost. Let’s look at some of the viable alternatives to Project Free TV 2019 which along with our site in discussion gained a lot of popularity. The following 10 platforms would add to one’s repertoire of platforms for watching TV content. Currently, these are all functional.

Projectfreetv Alternatives

Projectfreetv Alternatives
Couch Tuner: It has an app version as well and like Project TV, it takes you to the website where content is available. Its various subdomains might be,, A couple of working URLs is as follows: or

It has a vast collection of movies, TV series across genres, trending, year of production, top IMDb rated, etc. As is the case with other such sites, couchtuner had a DMCA declaration that the site does not store any files on its server and that all content is provided by third-party affiliates.

Crackle: It’s owned by Sony Pictures and its right in the top league in terms of range and reviews. It’s completely free and also shows some original content.

Unfortunately, crackle is not available in Asia pacific region. It’s present in the US and Australia for free and present in Latin American countries with some subscription. It’s also present in google store as an app and is amongst very few legit apps in the business.


C Movies: Another platform that allows the user to watch movies. It’s simple and easy to use. There is no registration needed and hence it gets tricky. One may find theater recorded stuff here and video quality is also not great.
The content is again vast and it includes content as per most viewed, mot high rated, top IMDB rated and movies which have been recently requested. Peer view and views are highly regarded in C movies.


B Movies: More such names of domain, subdomain keep surfacing so as to evade regulators. At the same time, they are popular since they offer content free of cost and have a large number of visitors logging in the network in a month (in excess of 1million). Content offered is again okay.
B movies have google like a homepage (this is the new interface) which lets you search whatever content you wish to see. Just in case you don’t like the new interface, it gives you the option to go to the old one. It also lets you register and has an account of your own.

HDO: Sounds similar to HBO…The catchy name offers a quick recall and many unsuspecting viewers. Often one may find the website not available and hence it’s better to check out various sub domains. Currently, the platform is working under the below URL.

The platform lets you view HD movies online for free. It has quite an interesting collection of the TV show and movies from across cultures. Makes up for some great time to spend by curling up with a pillow in an evening.


Solar Movie: Another great destination to watch all your favorite shows in the world. This is as popular and reliable as Project Free TV 2019.

It has an enviable collection across genres, releases, top IMDB rated, top viewed and even sorting by countries. This platform allows one to check content from more than 100 countries. Also, there is an option for a premium subscription which has assured new collection served fresh right onto your screens.

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Niter: Free online streaming content where one may watch popular and recommended TV shows. Often some sites like Niter et al collaborate and use each other’s search engine. It may also be that all of these may belong to a common group of owners and project varied frontends

The content is rich and more than 2000 movies are indexed including the latest releases and most popular movies. The user panel is easy to use with some functions like mark bookmark and other favorites. The platform is based on power programming tools and hence is very user-friendly and responsive.


Watch Series TV: It’s very similar to it’s country cousin Project Free TV 2019 and mainly lets users watch TV series. The main advantage is the ease of use and navigation. It contains the most updated and detailed TV series, shows and lots of video streaming information for free. The site gives you unlimited content apt for binge-watching. There is compartmentalized content like hilarious TV series, Top Thrills and Action Series.

Free Movies Streaming Websites:

  1. Tamilrockers 
  2. TamilYogi
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Showbox: One of the big daddy’s of the streaming industry. It has a wide range of TV show and movies with more than 100Million users and people who have downloaded the App. Show box may be one of the best alternatives to Project Free TV. The content in terms of spread and depth is both contemporary and good. It offers anything which a couch potato would want any time of the year. The ease of navigation and to choose from a wide repertoire of content is simply amazing. So enjoy while we have such streaming offerings!


Yo-movies: This platform offers 1080p High Definition content online. Wide range of offerings and even content in Indian vernacular languages is available. Home to the latest in Bollywood, Hollywood, most viewed, most favorites and top IMDB, this platform can make anyone an absolute binge-watcher. Even movies which have released on Friday can be found on the platform the same day. So it might be a place for camrip videos etc and hence one needs to be cautious of security breaches.

There are many free VPN services available that you can compare on if you’re looking to get one.

Free Project TV took the online streaming world by storm and acquired a lot of users quickly. The popularity soared immensely and to the extent that the viewer traffic from otherwise usual formal channels shifted. This caught regulator attention as a result of which the formal site was taken off. Then Project TV started operating with shadow names or other subdomains. Word of mouth, Reddit usage, and other channels was employed to spread the subdomain names. However, it was never like erstwhile days and operations were undercover and restricted.
At the end of the day, it’s a free world and users are free to see and choose what they like. Hence we have sites and platforms like Project Free TV that survive, thrive and keep entertaining users. This piece of info is neither about advocating free streaming platforms nor popularizing Project Free TV. We are totally against any illegal forms of internet usage and this blog should be seen as an educative and informative piece only. We hope this gave some perspective to the world of free streaming and online TV content viewing platforms and communities.