Top 10 Tips on Preventing Your Laptop from Overheating

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Our laptops overheat for a lot of reasons. People may think that its age has got to do with it, but surprisingly it’s not. Usually, what’s draining their energy are the endless open tabs that never got to be closed. These resource-hungry apps tend to affect the speed of the unit as well.

The Easiest Way – Freeing Up Your RAM

Upgrading RAM

Having too many apps running simultaneously will eventually overheat your laptops. Taking MacBook Air as an example, with MacBook Keeper, you can free up RAM and run a one-time memory cleaner scan. All you have to do is download and install MacKeeper, open Memory Cleaner, start the scan, and wait until it finishes clearing everything up. By the time it’s done, you’d be glad you’ve done it.

Stop Your laptops from Overheating

Stop Your laptops from Overheating

Sometimes we are dumbfounded as to why our laptop overheat. We might have to check on places we haven’t checked before. So here are the top 10 tips on preventing your laptop from overheating:

  • Close Old Browsers that You Don’t Need – this is one of the easiest ways to get rid of energy-sucking tabs that reload almost automatically when you start your laptop. Eliminate unnecessary browsers in order to enjoy the ones you truly need for the moment. You don’t want to sacrifice your laptop’s performance for tabs that you don’t need.
  • Check Activity Monitor – check out which apps use the most of your CPU and decide whether or not they’re worth keeping. Sometimes we just download apps mindlessly and for some reason, never use them. These apps could be resource-hungry apps that will take up almost 50% of your laptop’s processing. Yikes!
  • Choose a Less Powerful Card in Your Graphics Setting – switch your graphics card into a less powerful one to conserve energy. Enable Automatic Graphics Switching on your Battery under System Preferences and your laptop will now automatically choose the less energy-spending graphics card.
  • Reset System Management Controller Chip – also known as SMC chip, which is responsible for laptop’s cooling fan. Most of the time, resetting it solves overheating of the unit. And not to worry, it’s completely safe.
  • Use Original Chargers – original chargers have a way of charging laptops without letting them overheat. Counterfeit ones often drive the system into haywire and cause this problem.
  • Allow Ventilation – avoid using laptops in bed, or putting it on your stomach or lap. Allowing ventilation is possible only when you lay your laptop on a hard, flat surface. A desk or table will do.
  • Update Your Laptop – keeping its system up-to-date enhances its performance as it fixes software bugs and allows apps to run spontaneously and effectively.
  • Avoid Leaving Your Laptop Inside Your Car – over time, your car can build up heat inside, especially when parked outdoor. Leaving your laptop inside will subject it to overheating as well. It’s either you park in cooler places or bring your laptop with you all the time.
  • Contact After-Sales Service – if none of the above steps worked, contact official support. They never fail to respond so quickly and efficiently. I remember when overheating happened to my laptop matebook x pro, the issue was resolved thanks to this support. So anytime you meet a problem, state your concern and they’ll walk you through the processes you still haven’t done yet. You might just get your fix!

Final Words

It’s no secret that some laptops cost a lot these days. Taking good care of it and preventing it from overheating may just give you your money’s worth, especially if your laptop is a quality product, you need to handle it well.

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