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Oneplus 5 Hidden Features | Tips & Tricks

Oneplus 5 hidden features-Tips -tricks
Oneplus 5 is a blockbuster smartphone of 2017 because this smartphone is world powerfull specification smartphone, It has World best Octa-core (Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor with 8GB of RAM).(Full specification of OnePlus 5). Let’s Talk about the Hidden Features, Tips & Tricks of Oneplus 5.

Follow Steps for Oneplus 5 hidden Shortcuts

Shortcut Codes :

  • For Finding Satellites :
    Open your Keypad >> Dial >> *#802#.
  • Information of the Oneplus Phone
    Open your Keypad >> Dial >> *#*#4636#*#*
  • How to Enable Always on Display :
    Open the Settings >> Display >> Set the time according to your need
  • Change app icon shape:
    Press and hold the home screen wallpaper and tap “Settings” then “Icon pack”. This lets you choose between three default options: OnePlus, Round and Square.
  • Change icon/content size:
    Head to Settings > Display > Display size, then move the slider along the bottom of the screen until the icons and text are the size that you want them to be.
  • There is a Way to set the screen Always On
    Open your Keypad >> Dial >> *#808#
    – Click on Always On Screen.
  • The OIS of Oneplus 5 seems to be ineffective
    Open your Keypad >> Dial >> *#808#
    – Find out the Option >> Clcik on Optical Image Stablization >> Test it.

  • How to Set face Reconigition :
    Open the Settings >> Security & Fingerprint >> Set a Screen Lock >> Smart Lock >> Set your Face for Unlocking your device.
  • Set Off Screen-Gestures in Oneplus 5 :
    How to Enable : Go to Settings >> Click on Gestures option >> Set the Gestures according to your need.
  • For Taking Screenshot :
    Just Press Volume Down Button with Power Button >> Phone automatically take screenshot.
    Just Swipe 3 fingers on screen, phone automatically take screenshot
    How to Enable it : Go to settings >> Gestures >> Three Fingerprint Screenshot option >> Enable it.
  • Quickly Open Cameras :
    Just Double Tap Home Button >> Phone Automatically Open the cameras.
  • Set Gestures According to your Need :
    Go to Setting >> Click on Gestures >> Set it according to your needs
  • How to Remove Main Screen Google Search Bar :
    Long Press on Main Screen >> Click on Customization >> Option to Transparent or Remove the Google Search Bar

  • How to Enable Quick Notification :
    Long Press on Main screen >> Click on Customize >> Swipe to right to left >> Enable on Quick Notification.

  • How to Change the navigation buttons :
    Go to Settings >> Click on Buttons options >> Click on Menu >> Enable it.

  • How to use Fingerprint Lock to Unlocking your 3rd party Apps :
    Go to Settings >> Find the Option App Lock >> Set your Fingerprint Lock, which you want secure with Fingerprint sensor.

  • How to Check Notification in Off screen , How to Enable Ambient display :
    This Features to show you all notifications on off screen.
    Go to Settings >> Click on Display >> Enable Ambient Display.

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