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Moto Z2 Play Hidden Features | Tips & Tricks | UI Features


  • Quick Launch Cameras :
    How to Enable it : Go to Settings >> Display >> Enable the Option >> Press Power Button twice for Camera
    Second Option to Launch Quick Cameras : Just Twist you Moto Z2 Play (Front to back), you smartphone cameras is automatically enabled

  • How to Battery Saver for increasing the battery life
    How to Enable Battery Saver : Just go to Setting >> Click on battery >> At the Top click on option button >> click on battery saver >> Enable it

  • Multi-Window :
    Moto Z2 Play has pre-installed Android 7.1.1 (NOUGAT), In Android 7.1.1 operating system customer will be easy do multi-window task.
    How to Enable it : Just Long press on Recent Apps Button >> System automatically enable multi-window >> Your smartphone screen divided into 2 partition.
    2nd Option How to enable it : Just Tap on Recently Apps button >> You will be seen the Two Boxes icon >> Click on Two Boxes icon system automatically enable multi-window.

  • Decrease the Colour Sharpness :
    How to Do : Go to Settings >> Click on Display >> click on Color Mode >> By default set on Vibrant change it into Standard Mode.
  • Screen Pinning :
    This Feature is for security perpose, Suppose you are giving your phone to your friend or anyone else. No Body can access any application.
    How to Enable it : Go to Settings >> Click on Security >> Click on Screen pinning >> Enable it.
    Suppose your will be locked >> Just Long press on Recent Apps button and also same time long press on back arrow >> Click on unpinned button. Your device will be unpinned automatically.

  • Great Hidden feature is Moto App :
    When you open this Application, on the front of you 3 options :
    1) Actions : Use Gestures as Phone Shortcuts
    2) Voice : Give commands and get Responses
    3) Display : See your Notifications at a Glance
    Set the All Options according to your needs.

  • How to Increase WIFI receving speed and strong WIFI range connection :
    How to Do it : Go to Settings >> Click on WIFI >> Click on Top Option button >> Click on Advance >> Click on WIFI frequency band >> By default it’s set on automatically , change it >> Click on 5GHz Only.
    After done this all steps your smartphone receive better speed.

  • Amazing Hidden Camera Features :
    – Open the Rear Camera focus on any object, you will be easyly increase sharpness of light and Long Press on Focus button, Your device focus will be Locked.

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