Mi Smart Band 4 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Tricks

Xiaomi recently launched his amazing smart Band, Device called Mi BAND 4. Great quality of this smart Band is durability and features. But according to people survey one thing we find out one thing folks are don’t all useful features of health Band. Today we will share you all helpful and amazing features of Smart Band 4. Without wasting your previous let’s discuss.

Feature no. 1: Keep Screen Off While Sleeping

This feature is very helpful for different purposes for instance: That is very helpful for increase your Mi band 4 battery while sleeping and you can also use this feature for regular basis because every time screen has activated that decrease your Mi Band 4 battery. Hows greats this when you raise your wrist then band enabling the screen automatically.

How to enable this feature:  Open the Me fit Apps >> Go to  Profile >> Tap Mi Band 4 Option >> Click on  Lift wrist to view info >> Enable it.

Feature no. 2: How to Control Incoming Notifications

This Feature is very amazing because Mi Band 4 is a fitness band but you can easily enable notification alerts. Whatsapp Notification, Call Notification, Messages Notification, and many other and user will also change this, and add applications, according to convenience or User will also Stop these alerts also.

How to Enable or Disable of Notification Alerts: Open the Me fit Apps >> Go to  Profile >> Tap Mi Band 4 Option >> Click on App Alerts >> Here you can Add or Remove apps according to your needs.

Feature no. 3: Mute Your Phone with using Mi Band 4

This feature has only one, if user getting any incoming call and phone away from user or phone in the Pocket you can easily mute your phone from your Mi Band 4 and another thing you have to know that, if user long press on the band screen the incoming call automatically declined.

Feature no 4: Smart Alarm for Wake up

This feature is designed for like Me peoples who are lazy to wake up from the bed. I will try many alarm applications like (Pizzle alarm, line alarm) but this Smart Alarm feature of Mi band 4 is best for morning alert. Its gave smart alert on the wrist which helpful to wake up. I will try this that was great. Suggest you try this

How to Set up Alarms: Open the Me fit Apps >> Go to  Settings >> Click on the Alarms >> Set up according to timings.

Feature no 5: Measure Sleep Accurately:

In the Band Mi 4 has special kind of sleeping features which automatically analyze your sleeping pattern and sound of Snoring and when you take a healthy sleep and Xiaomi developers add one new feature for Measure Sleep Accurately, a feature called Sleep Assistant. Sleep Assistant designed for high accuracy while user sleeping time.

How to Enable it: Open the Me fit Apps >> Go to  Profile >> Click on Heart Rate detection >> Turn on Feature Sleep Assistant.

Feature no 6: How to Change the Clock Faces

This feature is one of the favorites for me because I love to change watch faces every morning according to my dressing. Too many new watch faces are available in Mi Band 4. The Changing process of watch is little a bit tricky, just follow the instructions below:

Instructions How to Change: Long Press on the Main button of Mi Band 4 >> It will take maximum 2-3 seconds >> After just swipe on the Mi Band 4 >> System will show you different watch faces, select it according to your need.


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