Features of iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

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Have you ever accidentally deleted your files or data on your computer or smartphone? Or have you ever experienced a data loss due to a virus attack? Losing data or files is surely creating a panic attack. But you do not have to be worried anymore if this nightmare happens, because iSkysoft data recovery software can solve this problem. It is compatible with almost all of Windows operating system and also works well inMac. So, how great is this data recovery software actually?

Design and Quality of iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

The option buttons are big enough and also labeled clearly. So that whatever feature you look for to use, it has to be intuitive. There are also additional options on the top and the social media links of iSkysoft data recovery. By clicking them, you will be connected to its social media page. This will be very helpful if you need instant help or set up to recover your data from computer and any storage device.

There are 4 main different options available, which are Partition Recovery Mode,Resume Recovery Mode, Lost File Recovery Mode, and Raw File Recovery Mode. Youare able to choose one of those recovery modes which are suitable for solvingyour data loss problem. Each recovery mode is easy and simple to operate.Moreover, you are able to pause those 4 main options and continue the recoveryprocess later if you need to do something important first.

Going into one of the options will bring you to a good browser screen. You are able to choose Deep Scan option if you find it hard to find your data or items, overwritten files, and many more. The scan screen is similar to the virus scan screen with a long column to let you know what iSkysoft data recovery software has found. This helpful data recovery software is able to recover files with any types. Not only documents, but this software can also retrieve pictures, music, videos, emails, audio files, archive files, text files, and many other file types. While other software of data recovery recovers only limited and specific types of files, iSkysoft can do better.

There is also another recovery mode which is a lot easier to get back your data from the computer and any storage device. The mode is named Wizard RecoveryMode. It is the simplest and easiest recovery mode of all. This mode allows you to choose the types of files you want to recover from the device where you lost the files or data. Besides easy and simple to use, this data recovery software is also quick. Though it depends on how many data you want to retrieve. However, it is reasonable for any other software of data recovery.

Price and Guarantee of iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

If you want to purchase this software of data recovery, there are some options you can choose from. For 1 year license, it costs $29.95. This will cover you for only a year, but you have the option to renew it. Moreover, this version is able to be used by only one computer. If you want to choose a total license, you can choose a lifetime license that costs $39.95. This will give you an access for life. There are still many other versions that you can choose. However, there is also a free trial that you can use for free. It allows you to recover maximum 100 Mb of your lost data.

The price of iSkysoftdata recovery is standard in data recovery sector. This great software also provides a guarantee of money back. If you feel this software does not do any good thing to you, you are able to get your money back within30 days. But you have to read the terms and conditions thoroughly to be able to claim this guarantee.

iSkysoftsoftware of data recovery is free from risks. While it scans your hard drive or other storage devices, it will not bother or damage them. Nothing will be changed, removed, or replaced from the device storage. This software can retrieve lost data by the help of iSkysoftToolboxfrom any storage devices such as memory cards, USB Flash drive, and even a digital camera.

Summary: iSkysoft data recovery software is safe, quick, and simple to operate.

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