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Improve Used Car Sales This Fall By Offering 24/7 Online Chat

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Improve Used Car Sales This Fall By Offering 24/7 Online Chat:

The used car sales market is a busy one. These days, you not only have to compete with other dealerships in town, but also with a plethora of online options, too. It has never been easier for customers to see what else is available out there than it is today. Your dealership’s web presence is absolutely key, even if you are selling second-hand or refurbished vehicles. It is of the utmost importance that customers be able to speak with someone about your products at all hours of the day and night. One of the best ways to do that is to add online chat software to your website.

Live chat software like Gubagoo offers people round-the-clock access to real, human operators who are knowledgeable in all aspects of cars and car sales. They can field any question related to any of your products on offer. They are rigorously trained in and proud of the excellent customer service that they offer. Consider them a physical extension of the real people you work alongside day-to-day at your dealership; it is in their best interest to keep your customers happy and bringing in new ones.

But perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves. You might be thinking, “My usedcar dealership needs to be available 24/7?” The answer is an unequivocal yes. The name of the game in all industries these days, not simply auto sales, is accessibility. Customers – especially potential customers – need to be able to access information about your dealership anytime they’d like. People these days are working harder than ever, taking on multiple jobs to make ends meet, and often that means that they won’t be hunting for that new-old car during regular business hours. Thinking about it: Jane, the bartender, and John, the nurse, might not just be potential buyers but the ideal customers for your service.


Live chat operators help tailor the car buying experience expressly towards your customers as individuals. Gubagoo’s state-of-the-art toolbar tracks your customers’ recent search history and tailors their browsing experience towards things like seasonal deals, discounts, and whatever buying incentives you offer (leasing options and aftermarket care packages, for example). Everything the customer sees – or is able to see – on the toolbar is fully customizable by you, the dealer. Their creative chat interface even allows you to jump into conversations via their dealer-only app, meaning you can point out, say, an upcoming sale that hasn’t yet been promoted online or a finer point the operator might have missed.

Of note, however, is that while live chat operators are an excellent sales promotion tool, they are not salespeople. They will begin the conversation with the customer, create a profile of them, and get their contact information. Then it’s up to you, the dealer, to seal the deal. While they won’t be getting customers to cut you checks directly, there are few affordable, new technologies out there as effective at boosting your sales than offering 24/7 online chat.

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