Huawei Mate 20 Pro Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Features

1. Reverse Wireless Charging:

Mostly reader think about that, I am talking about the reverse charging with using Micro USB or Type-C cables but no. Today we talk about WIRELESS Charging though Phone to Phone. How to use this. Recenty Huawei offer this features in Huawei Mate pro 20 only:

  • How to Enable it : Go to Settings  >> Click on battery options >> Scroll down >> You will be seen the option Reverse Wireless Charging >> Enable it >> Then You phone is ready to share his battery with others


2. How to set up In-Screen Fingerprint sensor:

Recently Huawei launch his first smartphone with on screen fingerprint sensor that amazing and Speed of fingerprint sensor is very faster it unlock within 0.2secs.

How to Enable it : Go to Setting >> Lock Screen Security or Fingerprint print setup >> Set up your alternative lock first (PIN, PATTERN, PASSWORDS) >> Then next step place your fingerprint on the screen  (Fingerprint icon) >> Make assure >> while set up fingerprint sensor, you will set up all sides of finger or thum (Top, Botton, Right, Left).

3. How to Set up 3D Depth Face-Unlock with Infrared:

This is work like Face-Recognition with advance level because it will works on all condition : Bright Light and Low Light conditions.

How to Set up 3D Depth Face-unlock : Go to Settings >> Click on Security >> Click on Face-Recognition >> Set up alternative lock first >> Then you set up your face >> Make assure >> while set up Face-Recognition, you will set up from all angle of face. (Up, Down,Right, Left).


4. How to Disable Notch in Huawei Mate 20 Pro:

Mostly new devices come with Notch display but Notch is advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are that it provides premium touch to the smartphone and disadvantages is that it disturb you while watching the video because Notch cut that part of the video.
If I will say you Now you Have the option to Enable/Disable the Notch.
How to do this: Go to settings >> Click on display option >> Notch >> Option set on Default >> You will can it Hide Notch.


5. How to Change Main Screen Menu Style:

Are you bored with the default Menu style? Don’t worry. We will show you different types of Menu style and set it up and enjoy.
How to Do: Go to Settings >> Click on Display option >> Home Screen style >> Set up according to your need.


6. How to Increase the speed of your Huawei Mate 20 Pro twice: 

The speed of your device is too much important to do this simple setting for increasing the speed of your smartphone.
Go to Settings >> Click on System >> About Phone >> 7 times tap on biuld number option >> System will prompt you Developer option enable >> Go back >> Click on Developers option >> Scroll down >> Clcik on Window Animation scale >> Change it to 0.5x >> Transition animation scale >> change it to 0.5x >> Animator duration scale >> Change it to 0.5x .


7. How to Save your Huawei Mate 20 Pro Battery, For Emergency Mode:

In the modern time Battery life of a smartphone is one day hardly but sometimes we are late to reach at home or we are on travel we need a battery on that you can use this helpful feature.
This Feature changes your device into Simple Mode.
How to Enable: Go to settings >> Click on System option >> Simple Mode >> Click on Apply.

How to Disable: Top Right Side Click on Menu >> Go to settings >> Click on System option >> Simple Mode >> Click on Exit.


Camera Features of Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Mate 20 Pro has Triple cameras

  • First Camera: 40 MP (f/1.8, Laser Autofocus) : This Camera help you to capture regular photography with perfectly focus on object.


  • Second Camera : 20 MP (f/2.2, Ultra-wide with Laser autofocus) : This Camera help you to capture Ultra wide Photography because This lens capture a photo on 120% wide angle.

How to Enable Ultra-Wide-Camera: Open the Camera >> You will seen the Icon on Right middle of the screen, Click on it. If you want to enable ultra wide photo.

  • Third Camera : 8MP, f/2.4 for Telephoto, 5x optical zoom : This Camera help you to capture Portrait photography with 5x optical Zoom. This lens gave you perfect professional photography expirence.

How to Enable Telephoto lens: Open the Camera >> Click on Portrait Mode >> Your Telephoto Lens is active now, You can capture portrait photos though your phone.

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