How Video Transcoding will Transform the way your Business Works

Video transcoding is defined as the process of converting a video file to different formats so that it can be viewed on different devices and platforms. The process is also known as video encoding. The process is divided into two phases; the first one involves decoding where the initial data is moved to an uncompressed format. The second phase is called re-encoding, which requires the transfer of the data to the new device in another format. The total time taken to transcode a video depends on the stability of the computer, resolution of the video, DVD ROM performance, among other factors. However, the average time ranges between 40 minutes to 1½ hours for the entire process.


There are several reasons for video transcoding. Some of the reasons include:

  • When the video format is not compatible with other devices
  • When a device has less storage capacity, the video is reduced to fit in the device

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How video transcoding transforms the operation of the business

The process of transcoding videos comes with many benefits to your business. Among the benefits include:

Improved Quality

With the use of ziggeo technology, you can modify the video in different resolutions. The results are that the viewers will get quality videos as long as they have steady internet connectivity. However, a slow internet connection will produce low-quality videos, but buffering issues will be reduced. The process is automatic because the video player detects the strength of the internet through video transcoding.

Comprehensive coverage of the target audience

With the use of video transcoding, you can reach a wide range of targeted end-users. For instance, when playing a video in a different format, the chances are that users with poor internet connectivity won’t view the video. At the same time, users with devices that don’t support the format won’t as well see the content. However, with video transcoding, all users have equal opportunities to watch your content, thus reaching a wide range of users.

Video transcoding enhances multiple device compatibility

 Video transcoding can format the videos into different formats that it can play on various applications and devices. The process is beneficial, mainly when you target to reach users with different gadgets. In the end, video transcoding will enable you to achieve your target of streaming on different devices and, at the same time, reaching a wider audience.


The purpose of establishing a business is to grow. There are many strategies for transforming your business. Video transcoding is one of the techniques. Through video transcoding, your business will take a new direction because the approach comes with lots of benefits. First of all, you will enjoy extensive coverage of the targeted audience, which is the aim of any business. Your videos will also run on multiple devices without technical issues. If you want to upgrade your business, video transcoding is the way to go.

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