Emergency SOS Service in iOS 11 Review : Pros and Cons

Iphone is world best smartphone and iphone software is world best and secure. Apple recently launch iOS 11, Apple adds a new feature in upcoming operating system for iPhone and iPads.They’re adding a new feature which gives users the ability to quickly call emergency services and disable the touch ID too.

What is Call Emergency SOS service Features? what’s its Advantage?

In iOS 11 has new SOS features. Suppose user in emergency : user push the power button 5 times in rapid succession to call emergency services.On the fifth press iPhone will call emergency services and share your current location with them. iPhone will temporarily enable the location services automatically if they are disabled.
Disadvantages of this feature is only that buy mistake someone press power button 3 or 5 times, This service will be enabled automatically. But it good and helpfull service.

How to Add Contact on Emergency SOS :

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Emergency SOS
  • On screen have two options
    Click sleep/ wake 5 times :
    click sleep/wake 3 times :
    Add information according to you.

    How to Turn off/On the countdown sound on iPhone ?

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Emergency SOS
  • Now, scroll down and turn off the switch next to Countdown Sound.

  • How to Stop Emergency call on iPhone in iOS 11

  • In the case of accidentally, press 3 or 5 times power button, System automatically enable emergency SOS call feature. Don’t worry
  • On the of screen (X) button, Just tap on it. System disconnect the call.
  • How to Call emergency services with SOS feature through Apple Watch

  • Press and hold the side button on your watch until the Emergency SOS slider appears
  • Continue to hold down the side button. Wait for a countdown to begin and an alert to sound. You can also drag the Emergency SOS slider.
  • When the countdown ends, your watch automatically calls emergency services.
  • How to Stop emergency services on iphone

  • If you started an emergency call by accident, firmly press the display, then tap End Call.
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